Spacemusic Ensemble – “IS OKAY OKAY IS CERTIFIED” (Motvind Records, 2019)

“IS OKAY OKAY IS CERTIFIED” is out now on “Motvind Records”. Album was recorded by “Spacemusic Ensemble” – Signe Emmeluth (saxofon/no input mixer/komposition and text
), Rohey Taalah (vocal), Andreas Winther (drums/synth), 
Karl Bjorå (guitar/no input mixer
), Heida Karine Johannesdottir (tuba/effects) and 
Anja Lauvdal (piano/synth) are playing together. “Spacemusic Ensemble” is an innovative and original ensemble, who’s dedicated to create bright, new and exciting sound. Each musician is individual and original – they all have their own ideas, are developping new and original ways of playing and creating innovative and surprising sound. All music is based on synthesis between experimental music, free improvisation, contemporary academical music, noise, concrete, sonoristic and spectral music tunes, the basics of avant-garde jazz and the newest tendencies of experimental jazz. Musicians are combining together classical ways of playing, fascinating sound experiments, moving and thrilling expressions, sudden changes, inventive decisions and pleasant surprises. All these elements effect the creation of original and interesting sound.

“IS OKAY OKAY IS CERTIFIED” is expressive, moving and bright. Musicians are getting on interesting experiments, original investigations, expressive and organic experiments, research of evocative and strange timbres. They’re also trying to get out of the comfort’s zone and to create original and new sound. Improvisers are using the basics of avant-garde and experimental jazz, as well as the main tunes of experimental music, academic avant-garde, noise and other modern academical music genres. Huge stylistic variety, colorful expressions, dynamic turns and masterful virtuosity is a great result of musicians collaboration. Each of them is able to integrate his own ideas, inventive decisions, to get on adventurous experiments and demonstrate wide musical knownledge and fantastic playing technique. That’s how multi-layed, bright and original musical pattern is created. All music is based on evocative and innovative ideas – these ideas are integrated on all layers of musical language. Fantastic, powerful and vibrant melody line, expressive, effective and simply incredible instrumental section, dynamic, organic and wide rhythmic section, gorgeous background, sharp and dramatic haromnic section – that’s the basic of these compositions. The music is expressive, bright and vivid – it’s filled with contrasts, surprises and sonoristic experiments. The melody line is created by saxophones, piano, guitar and electronics. Saxophone tunes by Signe Emmeluth are energetic, dynamic and bright. The melodies are based on the main tendencies of experimental jazz – improviser combines together the traditions of Scandinavian and European avant-garde jazz and the newest innovations of it. Strange tunes, noises, scratching, glimpsing, cracking, blowing, frantic, furious and powerful riffs, vibrant culminations, sound experiments on subtle relaxing pieces and accompagnied by fantastic rises to glamorous, charming and impressive passages – that’s the base of saxophone’s melodies. Electronics, modified timbres, strange timbres, special effects, noise, loops, drone, glitch, sonoristic experiments, texts, spoken elements are gently combined together in Signe Emmeluth music. Guitar by Karl Bjorå is filled with interesting tunes and dynamic changes. It’s balancing somewhere between contemporary academical music, experimental jazz, free improvisation and the basics of Scandinavian jazz. The music is effected by American avant-garde jazz, fusion, mainstream, contemporary and modern jazz, as well as ethnic music’s elements of Scandinavian music elements. Expressive trembling riffs, sound experiments, vivid and bright excerpts, relaxing pauses, stable, minimalistic, repetitive or bright, rapid and moving rhythmic sessions – that’s the base of this music. Guitar’s improvisations have effective and original sound. Piano tunes by Anja Lauvdal are filled with energy, brightness, drive and expression. The music is bright, original, moving and passionate – from trembling and vivid riffs it gets furious, thrilling and sharp, aggressive and powerful, dramatic, exciting and impressive or simply calm and relaxing. Pianist goes through wide range of emotions, expressions and tunes, is combining together breaking and driving sequences, monotonic chords, meditative and minimalistic excerpts, transcendenting passages who are mixed up to innovative and modern tunes of synth, special effects, computer sounds, moving and bright timbres and modern innovations of electronics. Deep and stable bass line is created by Heida Karine Johannesdottir. Stable, deep, dark and heavy tuba’s tunes are modified and combined together with special effects, strange tunes, modified alterations and sound experiments. All music is based on free improvisation, experimental jazz and the basics of academic avant-garde. Vocal by Rohey Taalah colorfully illustrates the background. Spoken elements, whispers, burps, strange tunes, imitations of sounds, hollows, whimps, recitals, declamations, wide range of modern playing techniques, original ideas and inventive decisions – that’s the main elements of voice improvisations who have expressive and vital sound. Drums section is created by Andreas Winther. It’s moving, bright, explosing and luminous. Driving riffs, breaking vibrant sessions, powerful dramatic culminations, hysteric and frantic riffs, expressive solos, subtle, silent and relaxing pauses, organic fusions, strange tunes., special effects and sound experiments – Andreas Winther is a master of his art. He manages to create independent and luminous rhythmic section. The music of this album is a great fusion of experimental jazz, free improvisations and academic avant-garde, electronics and acoustics, classical basics and innovations, folk Scandinavian music and modern innovations. All these elements make an effort to driving and original sound.

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