Michel Doneda/Le Quan Ninh/Shunichiro Hisada – “Thirty Ways To Avoid Talking” (Relative Pitch, 2019)

Doneda, Michel / Le Quan Ninh: Thirty Ways To Avoid Talking (Relative Pitch)

“Thirty Ways To Avoid Talking” is out now on “Relative Pitch Records”. Album was recorded by Michel Doneda (soprano saxophone), Le Quan Ninh (surrounded bass drum) and Shunichiro Hisada (Tzuzumi, voice). Michel Doneda is a great improviser and saxophonist. All his music is totally based on traditions of European and American avant-garde jazz and main basics of it. Improviser had already developped effective and expressive playing manner. It has an influenze of cool, fusion, mainstream and other modern and contemporary jazz styles. Improviser likes sound experiments, research of strange tunes and is willing to create unusual and extravagant sound. Le Quan Ninh is classically educated drummer. His music is based on the main tendencies of contemporary academical music, academic avant-garde and experimental music. Musician is balancing somewhere free improvisation and evocative, driving and sharp tunes of contemporary academical music. Shunichiro Hisada is Japanese improviser – his voice and tzuzumi’s improvisations are based on traditional Japanese music, its harmony, ornamentation and rhythmic, and mixed up to the basics of Western Europe academical music, free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. All three musicians are completely individual – they come from different music genres and are trying to create something new, fresh and exciting. This album is a great opportunity to hear out a nice collaboration of these three musicians.

“Thirty Ways To Avoid Talking” has organic, universal and effective sound. The music is bright, eclectic and passionate. Wide stylistic variety is used here – the musicians are creating an organic and artsy synthesis of European and Asian cultures, free improvisation and contemporary academical music, experimental music, sonoristic experiments, contemporary, modern and mainstream jazz styles and the basics of avant-garde jazz. A synthesis between avant-garde jazz, free improvisation and Japanese traditional music is just impressive and inspiring. Musicians are showing their best abilities of playing – they’re dedicated to create exciting, new and innovative sound. Rich variety of styles, expressions, sounds, rhythms and timbres, as well as synthesis of experimental, innovative and traditional, but effective playing techniques, makes an effort to multi-colorful, bright and expressive musical pattern. Each musician is creating his own music – it has his character, mood and unique sound. An independent melody line and dynamic rhythmic section are highly contrasting with each other, and are accompagnied by gorgeous musical pattern. Saxophone’s improvisations are dynamic and contrasting mood. Different samples are brought together to one place. Improviser goes through various moods – from stable, silent and relaxing sound in the beginning he dives in subtle search of strange tunes and special effects, when suddenly jumps on striking and exciting improvisations, remarkable melodies, wild, frantic and sharp riffs, blowing and tremendous culminations, sparkling and flowing passages and virageous ornaments. The music has driving, expressive and dynamic sound – it’s a base of bright, independent and remarkable melody line. All music of Michel Doneda is based on the traditions of avant-garde jazz, European and American streams, modern and contemporary jazz styles, cool, fusion and other similar elements. Rhythmic section is created by Le Quan Ninh. The music of this drummer is highly contrasting to the melody line by Michel Doneda. Evocative tunes, minimalistic samples, repetitive sessions, monotonic rhythmic series, stable beats are accompagnied by trembling trills, emotional and dramatic culminations, sound experiments, special effects and modern playing techniques of contemporary academical music. The music has effective, original and inspiring sound – from the lyrical and calm pieces it can go straight to moving, awakening and bright culminations. These duo improvisations of Michel Doneda and Le Quan Ninh have a remarkable and bright sound. Tzuzumi and voice elements are added to the last composition of this album – it brings exotic, bright and unusual sound to the compositions. Shunichiro Hisada is connecting together ethnic elements of Japanese traditional music, makes an exotic fusion of Asian and European harmony, rhythms and sounds. His music is simply amazing – filled with contrasts, original tunes, inventive decisions, fascinating experiments and innovative instrumentation. All music of this album is made with passion, love and drive – it has impressive and remarkable sound.


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