SANTOS SILVA, ZETTERBERG & LINDWALL – “Hi! Who are you?” (Matiere Memoire, 2019)

“Hi! Who are you?” is out now on “Memoire Matiere” label. Album was recorded by three featured jazz masters – Susana Santos Silva (trumpet), Torbjörn Zetterberg (double bass, and electric noise on track 5 and 10) and Hampus Lindwall (pipe organ and live electronics). The musicians have masterful playing technique, fantastic virtuosity and had already developped their own and universal playing style. Their music is totally based on synthesis between different jazz styles. Avant-garde jazz, free collective improvisation, experimental jazz, the tunes related to modern, contemporary and mainstream jazz, some rock and avant-rock styles and the newest tendencies of experimental, sonoristic, concrete and contemporary academical music, electronics and academic avant-garde. The musicians are operating wide range of playing and composing techniques. They’re always balancing between arranged compositions who have academical sound to spontaneous, wild and free improvisations. The musicians have much experience and a masterful ability to fuse together all kinds of genres and styles by this way creating simply fantastic sound.

“Hi! Who are you?” is filled with original ideas, inspiring and thrilling sound. The music has wide range of genres and styles. Improvisers are getting on bright and inspiring adventures, stunning experiments, interesting stylistic allusions, passionate and light solos or spontaneous free improvisations. The music is a great and organic combo of contemporary academical, experimental and modern classical music and the basics of avant-garde jazz. Musicians are balancing between free improvisations, wild frantic and luminous solos and the main tendencies of contemporary academical music. Electronics and acoustics are gently joined together. The musicians are going through different moods, they’re balancing from the one playing technique to the other, getting on striking culminations or going down to calm and relaxing pieces. Different playing and composing techniques are used here – sonoristic, concrete, spectral music tunes are gently integrated to whole musical pattern with serialism, dodecaphony, minimalism, academic avant-garde, sound experiments, innovative ways of playing and modern expressions, as well as enchanting and suggestive free improvisations, basics of avant-garde jazz, modern, mainstream and contemporary jazz. This huge range of styles and genres is created by musicians – they’re moderating with numerous expressions, ways of playing, chords, rhythms and melodic elements to create emotional and original sound. The compositions have polyphonic and rich musical pattern – it has dozens of layers who are highly contrasting with each other. Susana Santos Silva is a great trumpeter – her music is based on avant-garde jazz basics, the newest tendencies of experimental jazz, extravagant and modern bebop, hysteric, crazy and wild culminations and expressive melodies. Improviser also likes to get on research of strange tunes, expansion of technical abilities and the going out of traditional sound’s zone. Expressive and remarkable melodies, buzzing, thrilling ,growling and thrilling riffs, transcendental and fantastic passages, gorgeous ornaments, strange tunes, blowing, sharp and terrific riffs, impressive culminations and spontaneous pleasant surprises – that’s the basic of the elements who make emotional, expressive and innovative sound. Bass tunes by Torbjörn Zetterberg are highly contrasting with trumpet – it’s a symbol of deep, heavy, lyrical, sometimes – depressive, harsh, sophisticated, frustrated or dark sound. Bass has many functions – from the very first stable and tight bass line to an effort to colorful, innovative and illustrative background and independent melody line. The music is effective, vibrant and touching. From silent and deep tunes improviser passes through search of special effects and ambient tunes, goes straight to thrilling, vibrant, spilling, sparkling and terrific culminations, sharp, evocative and original excerpts related to academical music, sound experiments and many other elements. Electric noises in 5 and 10 tracks make an effort to innovative and modern sound – it makes an effective, bright and passionate instrumental section. Pipe organ’s tunes by Hampus Lindwall are based on universal and wide range of playing techniques. It makes unusual, exotic, rare and awakening sound. The intonations of contemporary academical music and the main styles of it like experimental, concrete, sonoristic and modern classical music, are brought together with wild unpredictable and simply impressive free improvisations. Improviser doesn’t hesitate to experiment on all cases of musical language – that especially hears on instrumental, composing, harmonic and melodic section. Special effects, strange tunes, deep, vibrant and powerful melodies, expressive and bright riffs, free improvisations and luminous culminations – that’s the main basics of pipe organ’s tunes. Hampus Lindwall makes an interesting combo of pipe organ and live electronics. Special effects, computer’s sounds, synth, sonic system’s experiments, sound machine’s tunes, field recordings, sonoristic, concrete and spectral music, ambient, glitch, looping, tape recordings, drone and dozens of other playing techniques are used here. The music of this album has expressive, innovative and touching sound.

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