Liquid Quintet – “Bouquet” (Sirulita Records, 2019)

“Bouquet” is out on “Sirulita Records”. Album was recorded by “Liquid Quintet” – it’s an ensemble which is consisted from five featured jazz masters: Agustí Fernández (piano), Albert Cirera (tenor & soprano saxophones), Don Malfon (alto & baritone saxophones), Barry Guy (bass) and Ramon Prats (drums). All five jazz masters are featured and central figures of international avant-garde jazz scene. They had already developped their own  and original sound, inspiring playing manner and expressive style. Music is totally based on free improvisations, the newest tendencies of experimental and avant-garde jazz. New, extended and experimental ways of playing, inventive and original expressions, expressive, thrilling, vibrant and impressive sound, masterful and charming virutosity, wide musical knownledge, rich stylistic variety – all these elements are the main compounds of their playing style and sound. The musicians are dedicated to create exciting, new and fresh sound. They are creating new synthetic forms, invent new ways of playing, construct original scales and chords, and experimenting on all ways of musical language. The traditions and roots of avant-garde jazz also aren’t forgotten – musicians save the basics and main principes of avant-garde jazz and manage to connect absolutely contrasting compounds together.

“Bouquet” has expressive, energetic and vivid sound. Musicians are demonstrating their own sound and hypnotising, expressive and suggestive playing manner. They manage to make rich and enchanting musical pattern. It’s polyphonic, multi-layed and wide. All kinds of elements are connected together. The melody line is the center of the pattern. It’s kept by reeds and piano. Piano tunes by Agustí Fernández is the source of energy, drive and tremendous culminations. Agustí Fernández has fantastic playing technique, which is gently combined together to inventive ideas and colorful instrumental section. His melodies are mostly based on active and moving sound – remarkable, impressive and expressive melodies are accompagnied by sparkling riffs, bursting spills of energy, hot thrills, vibrant sessions, breaking, aggressive, hysteric and frantic chords sequences, transcendental roulades, flowing, charming and dizzy passages or subtle and silent contemplations. The piano has all wide range of colors, tunes, rhythms and expressions who effect original, driving and suggestive sound. Saxophones by Albert Cirera are aggressive, frantic, sometimes – wild, hysteric and furious. The main elements of free improvisational music, experimental jazz and avant-garde jazz are gently combined together to bebop, post bop, hard bop and other modern jazz styles. Roaring blow outs, tremendous riffs, hot, vibrant, growling, urgling and furious solos, flowing and impressive solos, dynamic and amazing melodies, charming passages, sudden jumps, contrasting changes, special effects and sound experiments are very-well integrated to one musical pattern. Alto and baritone saxophones by Don Malfon also have impressive and original sound. Interesting stylistic allusions, the synthesis of contemporary, experimental, modern and mainstream jazz, as well as soft tunes of experimental and contemporary academical music makes the basic of Don Malfon’s music. An improviser has his own style – it’s luminous, contrasting, filled with contrasts, fascinating experiments, inventive ideas and original decisions on all sections of musical language. Heavy deep, solemn or calm tunes contain the base of subtle free improvisations. Special effects, strange tunes, gorgeous ornaments, weird, eclectic or interesting decisions are integrated with minimalistic samples, repetitive tunes of stable bass line and huge range of ornaments and expressions. Vibrant, hollowing, blowing, roaring, tremendous and simply amazing culminations are made – it’s the most beautiful and effective episodes of Don Malfon’s improvisations. Bass by Barry Guy helps to keep tight and stable bass line by using repetitive and monotonic chords and tunes series. Barry Guy is fusing these elements to his own and specific ideas, innovative ways of playing, extended playing techniques, sound experiments and masterful virtuosity. Deep, solemn and heavy solos are suddenly changed by energetic, terrific, breaking and vibrant sessions, powerful culminations and impressive solos. The music is totally based on free improvisation, avant-garde and experimental jazz’s basics. Bass beautifully illustrates the melody line, gives a strong bass line, stable harmonic pattern and makes the rhythmic section more colorful and dynamic. The drums section is created by Ramon Prats. Expressive bebop, nervous and aggressive hard bop, dynamic and modern post bop, mainstream, stable cool and other tunes of modern jazz styles are integrated to luminous, passionate, breaking, frantic, sometimes even – frustrating, wild and crazy free improvisations. The drums section is dynamic, bright and simply amazing – from dramatic beginnings it goes down to simple, minimalistic and subtle excerpts, jumps on glamorous, light and fantastic riffs, breaking sessions, wild, crazy and aggressive sessions, luminous sequences or free, bright and spontaneous solos. The music is made with love, passion and drive. That’s the basic of the music – these elements are gently combined together to inventive point of view, wild imagination, creativity, fantastic virtuosity, amazing playing techniques, bright and rich musical language and stunning sound experiments. All that makes an effort to original and interesting sound.

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