Illegal Crowns – “The No-Nosed Puppet” (Rogue Art, 2019)

Front cover of the album THE NO-NOSED PUPPET

“The No-Nosed Puppet” is out now on “Rogue Art”. Album was recorded by four featured improvisers – Taylor Ho Bynum (cornet, flugelhorn), Mary Halvorson (guitar), Benoît Delbecq (piano) and Tomas Fujiwara (drums). All four jazz masters are the central figures of avant-garde jazz scene. They’re demonstrating incredible playing technique, wide musical knownledge,  passionate and expressive playing style and new point of view. The musicians are also collaborating with other great jazz masters – they’re making the tours in various world countries and playing on world-wide jazz scene. All their music is totally based on avant-garde jazz and free improvisation. The basics of 1960’s avant-garde jazz are fused together to the newest inventions and own experiments made by improvisers. The balance between traditions and innovations is succesfully made – musicians don’t stick up to the conventions and traditions, they’re dedictaed to create something new, exciting and original. Quartet’s musicians had been improvising together dozens of times in various combos – together they manage to create inspiring, original and impressive sound.

“The No-Nosed Puppet” is filled with drive, energy and original ideas. The music is a fusion of American and European avant-garde jazz and its traditions and innovations. Each improviser is demonstrating his own and original playing style. That makes an effort to polyphonic, remarkable and multi-layed musical pattern with driving and fabulous melody line, effective, original and expressive instrumental section, stable harmony line, dynamic and wide rhythmic section, gorgeous background and all kinds of special effects. The melody line is the key of whole album. It’s – expressive, flowing, spakrling and vibrant. Cornet, flugelhorn, guitar and piano are the basics of this section. Tasylor Ho Bynum is an excellent improviser. His cornet and flugelhorn melodies bring in sparking, bright and tremendous sound. Musician is developping and demonstrating his own playing technique, who has hypnotising and expressive sound. Cracking, tremendous, passionate, buzzing, vibrant, terrific and luminous solos are filled with roaring blow outs, growls, hot spills of energy, full blasts and dizzy passages. Guitar by Mary Halvorson is bright, eclectic and original. Experienced and passionate improviser already has her own sound, expressive, moving and inspiring playing style, suggestive playing manner and innovative point of view. Her music is based on avant-garde, experimental and modern jazz synthesis. Fascinating, roaring, tremendous and passionate free improvisations are always full of drive, energy and searches of strange tunes. Some tunes of cool, fusion, bebop, hard bop, other modern jazz styles, as well as mainstream, contemporary jazz and rock styles are gently connected together. Remarkable melodies are accompagnied by furious, eccentric and driving riffs, terrific and vibrant solos, repetitive sequences, heavy, powerful and luminous culminations, sharp and aggressive tunes, depressive and dark excerpts, silent pauses and searches of original tunes. All these elements gently fit together and make bright, interesting and impressive sound. Energetic piano tunes are filled with fresh, sparkling and original decisions. Benoît Delbecq has his own playing style – it’s expressive, driving, filled with fresh, innovative or simply crazy ideas. Bright, luminous and expressive melodies, roaring riffs, breaking sessions, impressive transcendental passages, agressive and furiously fast roulades, all kinds of scales, furious, frantic and monotonic chords sequences who go straight to silent, relaxing and dreamy excerpts, minimalisitc samples, depressive and dark episodes or – light, inspiring, mysterious, solemn and subtle tunes. All three musicians create an impressive melody line – is inspiring, amazing, exciting, filled with striking and thrilling culminations or mysterious,  dark and solemn contemplations. The melody line is stable and bright – it dictates driving, expressive and passionate sound. The drums section is wide and dynamic – it fuses together moving and aggressive hard bop, complicated, hysteric and nervous bebop, stable and calm cool, modern and extravagant contemporary jazz, dynamic and universal mainstream and frantic, luminous and simply marvelous free improvisations. Western African, Afroamerican music rhythms are very-well integrated to common musical pattern. Drummer creates multi-colorful, universal and impressive rhythmic section. Terrific riffs, breaking and roaring culminations, passionate and remarkable sessions, special effects, innovative and experimental ways of playing, sound experiments, sudden changes, contrasting compounds are connected together. The music of this album is passionate, inspiring and interesting.


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