Josep Lluís GALIANA – “ELECTROACOUSTIC PIECES 1999​-​2019” (liquen records, 2019)

“ELECTROACOUSTIC PIECES 1999​-​2019” is out now on “liquen records”. Al compositions of the album were composed and arranged by composer and improviser Josep Lluís Galiana. Josep Lluis Galiana is an interesting and talented composer. He fuses together the traditions of modern classical, experimental and contemporary academical music with free improvisation, experimental and avant-garde jazz. The music is totally based on the main basics of experimental and electro-acoustic music and the newest innovations of it. Composer is using wide range of playing and composing techniques. The sounds of serialism, sonoristic, concrete and spectral music, minimalistic samples, repetitions of rhythms and sounds are gently combined together to one place. Composer is always searching to new, original and interesting combos – he switches together electronics and acoustics, traditions and innovations, the basics of contemporary academical music and free improvisation. His music is filled with new and evocative ideas, original and expressive sound, original decisions, extended playing techniques and unique sound.

“ELECTROACOUSTIC PIECES 1999​-​2019” is a retrospective of Josep Lluis Galiana music. Here we have an opportunity to hear out, how composer is developping his style, moderating new and exclusive ideas, inventive ways of playing during the years of creative activity. The music is interesting and expressive. It’s filled with interesting timbres, fascinating sound experiments, exclusive playing techniques, contrasting compounds, sudden stylistic turns and eclectic combos. The synthesis of acoustics and electronics is masterfully made – composer is extracting warm, natural and expressive acoustics timbres and fuses them together to synthetic and modern electronics. An open form is used almost everywhere – that makes an effort to great and organic compilation of differen styles, eclectic ideas, pleasant surprises and motions. The music has universal and multi-layed musical pattern – it’s constructed from huge range of musical language’s elements. The harmony is modern and stable – it’s made from strange chords, sharp tunes, repetitive sequences and soft consonances. Composer demonstrates his wide musical knownledge, inventive and original point of view and creativity. The instrumental section is the most important and interesting section of whole album. It’s – rich, enchanting, modern and bright. Field recordings, voices, spoken elements, radio tunes, nature sounds, glitch, ambient, drone, sound machine recordings, special effects, modified tunes, strange timbres, computer sounds – all these elements are gently fused together. Cracking, growling, urgling, burping, splitting, breaking and simply original sounds fill all the musical pattern. Composer is experimenting on field of instrumentation – he’s using the basics of fields recordings, tape recordings, the newest innovations of spectral, concrete and sonoristic music. Strange tunes, original combos, extended playing techniques, peculiar, weird or simply amazing pairs of sounds and timbres gently fit together to one pattern. That makes an effort to interesting and dynamic sound. From subtle, relaxing, silent and light tunes illustrated by strange timbres and special effects, music goes to cracking, sparkling, vibrant, ambient, deep and simply impressive samples. Sometimes the music is mysterious and deep, solemn, tight, calm and relaxing, sometimes – outrageous, peculiar, wild, luminous and active. It’s changing all the time and makes an effort to original and impressive sound. The sounds of acoustics are integrated to huge range of electronics. Silent and strange tunes, warm and natural extractions, sudden and hot spills of energy, vibrant and expressive melodic samples, dizzy passages, transcendental virages, passionate and luminous riffs brings life and contrast to whole album. The music of this album is made by nice and organic fusion between acoustics and electronics. Album has bright, inventive and exceptional sound.


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