Charles Gayle /John Edwards / Mark Sanders – “Seasons Changing 2CD” (OTOROKU, 2019)

“Seasons Changing 2CD” is out now on “OTOROKU” label. Album was recorded by featured trio – it’s Charles Gayle (saxophones), John Edwards (double bass) and Mark Sanders (drums). Three great jazz masters have a fantastic playing technique. Splendid virtuosity, creativity, wild imagination and evocative ideas contain the main base of their music. The improvisers have their own and original playing style – it’s moving, bright and sparkling. All music is totally based on experimental jazz and free improvisations. Musicians don’t hesitate to get on brave, ambitious, stunning and awakening musical decisions and sound experiments. They also don’t forget the main princips of avant-garde jazz – that’s tha main reason why they’re trying to find the balance between the newest innovations and traditions of these jazz styles. Independent and conceptual improvisers gently fit together – their music is filled with surprises, bright and experimental ideas, evocative, passionate and expressive melodies, and colorful instrumentation. Their collective improvisations always are moving, bright, moody, driving and passionate. It’s a mix of energy, drive and expression.

“Seasons Changing 2CD” is filled with modern investigations, inventive decisions, expressive and awakening ideas and intense solos. These compositions are like a retrospective of Charles Gayle’s music. The main elements of his compositions, as well as the basics of other’s improvisers improvisations, are joined together. Gravity, powerful blasts, expression, drive, ambient and conceptual point of view meets together in these compositions. All music is based on free improvisation and experimental jazz. It’s also has an influenze of various jazz styles – musicians make original stylistic allusions to bebop, post bop, hard bop, neo bop, fusion, as well as academic avant-garde and contemporary academical music. Experimental and innovative ways of playing contain the main base of instrumental section. It makes colorful, investigating, interesting and original instrumental section. Specific and home-made tunes, experimental decisions, awakening ideas, fresh and modern ways of playing, special effects are mixed up to usual and very well-known playing techniques. The harmony section is sharp and frantic – it’s constructed from breaking, perturbating and driving disonances sequences. The musicians are using wide range of rhythms – modern and extravagant rhythmic sessions meet the light and dizzy passages, tremendous and dramatic culminations, cool and stable rhythms, the typical rhythmic series related to bebop, post bop, cool or any other jazz stream or vigilant light and fantastic free improvisations. The range of moods is huge – the musicians are expressing all kinds of emotions, moods and characters. Vivid and sparkling, tremendous and powerful, light and gentle, bright and impressive pieces get to slow and sophisticated, lyrical, contemplative, silent, modest, relaxing, minimalistic and meditative. The music is made on impression and spontanity – most part of the decisions are made spontaneously. That makes an effort to interesting, enchanting and dynamic sound. Musicians make a great trio – their music is full of different concepts, bright contrasts, silent and soft pieces who go straight to full blast improvisations or immediate reponses. Fantastic playing technique brings in virtuosic and ornamental texture – the musical background is just amazing fullfilled with all kinds of abbreviations, colors, timbres, tunes, special effects and passages. The saxophone by Charles Gayle makes the basic of musical pattern. It keeps strong, bright and expressive melody line. Expressive, rapid and intense melodies are filled with rapid, tremendous, blasting and powerful riffs, sharp and aggressive blow outs, ornamental and especially virtuosic passages, dizzy ornaments, special effects, strange tunes and eclectic stylistic allusions to the other jazz styles. The music is especially emotional and dynamic – it’s made with pleasure, love and drive. Bass by John Edwards is a source of interesting timbres, modern investigations and explores of different sound zones. Heavy and stable bass line is created. Improviser is taking as a basic short monotonic rhythmic or melodic series. That makes an effort to stable bass line, strong harmonic pattern and suggestive sound. Improviser is getting together different samples – he manages to create impressive, amazing and original sound. Heavy, silent, ambient, strange or weird tunes are mixed up to frantic, vigilant, expressive and vivid improvisations, passionate and vibrant culminations and moving melodies. The basics and roots of avant-garde jazz are mixed up to some tunes of academical music. All that makes a new organic zone of sound with stunning experiments, radical ideas and splendid sound. The drums section is blowing, breaking and driving for the most of the time. Mark Sanders is broughting together all kinds of rhythms, expressions and sounds. He manages to fuse vivid, gentle, light, virtuosic, ornamental, passionate, wild or frantic rhythmic improvisations with special effects, experimental ways of playing, organic and radical decisions, awakening and fresh ideas and all kinds of expressions. The rhythmic section is full blast of energy – its improvisations are made with invention, creativity and drive. The music of this album is a great mix between free improvisation, driving and expressive melodies, wide musical knownledge, creativity, fantastic virtuosity and artsy, organic and ambitious musical decisions.


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