Robert Landfermann – “TOPAZ” (KLAENG Records, 2019)

Robert Landfermann - TOPAZ

“TOPAZ” is released on “KLAENG Records” label. The music was played and improvised by Ingrid Laubrock (reeds), Achim Kaufmann (piano), Robert Landfermann (bass) and Tom Rainey (schlagzeug). Four great jazz masters are playing together. There’s no need to introduce them – the musicians are featured central figures of international jazz scene. They’re playing and collaborating with numerous of other famous jazz masters. All four improvisers have suggestive playing manner, innovative point of view, fantastic playing technique, inspiring and driving sound as well as wide musical knownledge. The music is totally based on the basics of avant-garde and experimental jazz. The roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz are mixed up to the newest innovations and inventions of experimental jazz, own ideas, specific ways of playing, home-made playing techniques and original decisions. Musicians get along together just fine – even though, they have independent and contrasting playing styles. Their music is fullfilled with surprises – there are dozens of eclectic fusions, rare and exotic instrumental combos, ethnic tunes of various countries traditional music, the stylistic allusions to modern, contemporary, traditional or mainstream jazz, as well as to academic avant-garde, contemporary academical and modern classical music.

“TOPAZ” is a mix of vigilance. energy, drive and expression. The music is totally based on avant-garde jazz. Various streams of it are expressed and combined together – free, creative, experimental and avant-garde jazz, the newest tendencies and the roots of 1960’s are joined here. The musicians manage to make original and organic mix of different jazz styles. The music is influenzed by modern, contemporary and mainstream jazz – aggressive hard bop, extravagant and eccentric post bop, expressive, nervous and hysteric bebop, lyrical and calm cool, fusion or any other similar stream are heard in the compositions. Free improvisations are the basics of each composition. That makes an ability to improvise free and without any frames – musicians are making immediate reponses, bursting on adventurous and sparkling riffs, spontaneous and dynamic solos or silent and abstract samples. The music is dynamic and vivid – it has rich musical language. Modern, rare, exotic and vivid expressions are used here along with strange tunes, gorgeous ornaments, tiny and sparkling textures, all kinds of rhythms, tunes, sounds and chords. All these elements got together and make polyphonic, bright, effective and moving musical pattern. The rhythmic section is made from breaking, bursting and perturbating free improvisations, who are corellating to stable beats, nervous and hysteric, complicated, angry, frantic or light, moving and dreamy series. Sharp and vigilant harmony is created by using all kinds of disonances. The musicians are fusing together unusual, specific, experimental and traditional ways of playing – that makes an effort to expressive, vivacious, dynamic and innovative instrumental section. Here special effects, weird tunes, explores of new fields and zones of sounds, expansion of technical abilities, strange, innovative or radical ideas are brought together with all kinds of instrumentation. The melody line is bright, explosing and driving. Reeds melodies are expressive, moving and contrasting. Different samples are changing each other silmunateously – bright explosions, hot spills, sharp and frantic thrills, cracking, growling, blowing and urgling riffs, special effects, expressive and passionate melodies, spontaneous solos get along together just fine. The msuic is especially contrasting – silent and soft pauses, calm and lyrical excerpts meet the minimalistic and meditative sequences or go straight to bursting, frantic, extremely loud and dramatic culminations. Reeds gently fit together to piano – its improvisations is the source of energy and drive. Vivacious melodies, bright and dynamic solos are illustrated by persecuting and sharp seqauences, longly-repeated rhythmic and chords sessions, breaking and explosing riffs, bright and powerful blasts of energy. All these elements are joined to silent and dreamy pauses, meditative and progressive series, soft and gentle samples or flowing dizzy passages. Bass melodies keep the bass section – it’s stable and heavy. Tight, monotonic and repetitive tunes form static and monumental bass section and are contrasting to effective, vibrant, tremendous and passionate culminations. The bursts of energy filled with radical ideas and pleasant surprises are the most beautiful episodes of double bass improvisations. The improviser pays attention to research of weird and specific timbres, strange tunes and sound experiments – these elements make the sound more effective and impressive. Schlagzeug’s rhythms keep a fantastic rhythmic section – perturbating sessions, breaking and driving riffs, special effects, synth tunes, imitated sounds, experimental ways of playing, hysteric and nervous solos who meet relaxing and stable samples are gently brought together. The music of this album is created with love, pleasure and drive by four great talented jazz masters. The album has innovative, evocative and expressive sound.


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