Vaizdo rezultatas pagal užklausą „CIRCUIT ELECTRO ACOUSTIC ENSEMBLE – CELL FMR RECORDS 2019“

“CELL” is out now on “FMR Records”. Album was recorded by “CIRCUIT ELECTRO ACOUSTIC ENSEMBLE” – it’s an ensemble which consists of famous and original jazz masters. Here together plays Jon Seagroatt (bass clarinet, soprano sax, electronics), Tim Chatzigiannis (laptop, electronics), Trevor Taylor (percussion, electronics), Philipp Wachsmann (violin, electronics), Paul Medley (soprano, bass clarinet) and Matthew Hutchinson (piano). All musicians are great improvisers, inventive and creative artists and have an exclusive playing style. Creativity, brightness, drive, interesting investigations, the explores of new fields of sound, original decisions, unique sound – all these elements are related to the music of each improviser. The musicians are famous, active and innovative figures of avant-garde jazz scene. They have wide and original style – their music is based on basics of experimental and avant-garde jazz, free collective improvisation, as well as the tunes of modern, mainstream and contemporary jazz styles, experimental and contemporary academical music, modern classical music, electronics, academic avant-garde and other similar tunes. The music is original, moving, bright and luminous – musicians join together and create magnificent, enchanting and original sound.

The traditions of experimental and contemporary academical music, academic avant-garde, electronics and the basics of avant-garde jazz are joined together in “CELL”. The music is bright, interesting and inspiring. Musicians like to experiment on all cases and fields of musical language. Stunning experiments, innovative decisions, extravagant, crazy and wild ideas, extraordinary playing techniques, modern ways of improvising – these are the main reasons who effect tremendous and original sound. Enchanting and rich musical pattern is made from dozens of spills, textures, factures, ornaments, dizzy passages, rhythms, sounds and tunes. Intriguing, colorful and extravagant instrumental section is created – the musicians make a great and organic mix of experimental, innovative, modern and traditional playing techniques. Special effects, strange timbres gently fit together to very well-known, traditional and effective ways of playing. All these elements gently fit together and form incredible wide and exceptional instrumental section. Impressive virtuosity, precise and fantastic playing technique, professional, inspiring and driving playing also are very important elements of the instrumental section. The melody line is solid, stable and expressive. It’s based on independent melodies played and formed individually by each instrument. Each melody has its own character, sound and playing manner. The rhythmic section is based on artsy fusion of nervous, hysteric, soft, calm, cool, modest, trendy, complicated, wild, frantic, sharp, authentic, exotic and simply free and sparkling rhythmic figures who are related to modern, experimental and free jazz styles, as well as the minimalism, contemporary academical music and other similar styles. The harmonic pattern is intense, vibrant and sharp – dark, heavy and persecuting sessions of disonances are longly repeated, joined to soft and dreamy consonances, strange timbres and original pitches. All these elements contain original and rich musical pattern – it has enchanting ornamental background, solid melody line and intense rhythmic section. Bass clarinet and soprano saxophone by Jon Seagroatt brings active, frantic and dynamic sound. His improvisations are filled with expressions, interesting investigations, hollowing and sparkling riffs, tremendous riffs and expressive free and vigilant improvisations. Soprano and bass clarinets gently fit together – Paul Medley is a master of combining together different styles, specific timbres, synthetic forms, inventive decisions and driving, enchanting, inspiring and bright playing manner. Tremendous, vibrant and intense riffs, expressive, vivid, luminous and bright melodies, dizzy passages – that’s just one little part of these compositions. All the instruments of reeds section gently fit together and contain solid, vivid and driving mood. Energy, drive, intensivity and ambitious musical decisions are brought in by Matthew Hutchinson. His piano melodies are real bursts of energy – vivid, inspiring, dramatic, intriguing, vibrant, fluent, passionate and impressive solos are filled with drive, expression, persecuting, breaking and perturbating sequences of disonances, dreamy excerpts, lonely contemplations, silent downs and eclectic stylistic pairs. Some academic tunes are brought in by violin’s tunes by Philipp Wachsmann. Improviser gently combines together contemporary academical, experimental and modern classical music with spontaneous, free, vigilant, passionate and unpredictable free improvisations. Shrieky, sharp, frantic and luminous culminations, tremendous solos, driving melodies, strange tunes, eclectic pairs, exotic instrumental timbres, stunning sound’s experiments, silent and calm excerpts – all these elements are brought in together. Percussion by Trevor Taylor is enchanting, bright, luminous, passionate and dynamic. All kinds of rhythms are brought together – bebop, hard bop, post bop, minimalistic and meditative rhythmic series, exotic, rare and strange tunes, weird rhythms and spontaneous free improvisations. Musicians aren’t just experimenting with acoustics – they’re exploring new opportunities and sound fields in electronics. Almost all musicians are using the electronics along with their acoustics – it’s gently fit together with Tim Chatzigiannis electronics section. Laptop tunes, loops, computer’s sounds, imitations, field recordings, radio tunes, voice records, synth tunes, eclectic pairs, drone, glitch, ambient, sonic system’s experiments and sound machine’s tunes – all these elements are brought in one place together. This album is a nice synthesis between acoustics and electronics – it also joins together stunning experiments, evocative and freash ideas, driving and passionate improvising, tremendous culminations and enchanting sound.

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