Marco Scarassatti & Marcos Campello – “Aglomerado de Seres Verticais” (Pmc – Produção de Música Contemporânea, 2019)

Marco Scarassatti & Marcos Campello | Aglomerado de Seres Verticais

“Aglomerado de Seres Verticais” is out now on “Pmc – Produção de Música Contemporânea” records. The album was recorded by Marco Scarassatti (flute bamboo, guitar (cocho), electronics, objects) and Marcos Campello (eletric guitar, noises). The music of these musicians is based on authentic and natural synthesis of Southern American countries, especially Brasilian traditional music with the roots of American avant-garde jazz. Experimental, free, creative and avant-garde jazz styles are mixed up together – musicians are fusing together the newest tendencies of it and the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz. It’s a colorful mix of world music, free improvisations, avant-garde, experimental and modern jazz, as well as the tunes of Western Europe music, experimental and contemporary academical music, and academic avant-garde. Both musicians are marvelous improvisers – they have new and original conception, bright and expressive playing manner, fresh point of view and huge amount of innovative ideas. Improvisers are interested to explore the new fields of sound, dive in stunning and innovative experiments, extract strange timbres and get on noisy, adfventurous and luminous culminations.

“Aglomerado de Seres Verticais” has effective, bright and expressive sound. All kinds of expressions, rhythms, sounds and tunes are used here. The musicians are real experimentators – they’re combining rare pairs, investigating original forms and strange sounds, roaring and thrilling sparkles, hot spills and all kinds of other elements. Original and innovative instrumental is their main and the most important priority. It’s an organic, natural and effective mix of traditions and inventions, the newest tendencies, modern, ols, frequently used, extended, rare and specific ways of playing. Both musicians manage to create original, inspiring and colorful instrumental section which is the key of whole album. Open form is used almost everywhere in each composition. Engaging, moving, dynamic and original improvisations, bright and hollowing spills, immediate reponses to each other’s playing or simply beautiful, extravagant, glamorous and wonderfully arranged pieces – all these elements are spontaneously get together to one place. Difficult, contrasting, polyphonic, exotic and multi-layed pattern is created. Ornamental, virtuosic, dynamic and gorgeous facture, all kinds of abbreviations, tempo,s rhythms, coloristics, rare and exotic tunes and timbres are used for background. All music is based on contrasts – the musicians are playing individually and spontaneously. Their music is based on impression, expression of all huge range of emotions, tremendous culminations, bright and stunning solos or silent, dreamy and lyrical pauses. Glimpsing, stunning, trendy and fabulous mnelody line is based on synthesis of electronics and acoustics. Bamboo flute’s, guitar’s and electronic guitar’s sounds are gently combined together. Soft, glimpsy, flowing and light flute has soft and remarkable sound. The best virtuosity is mixed up to flying, transcending, moving and tremendous solos, shrieky and low tunes, harsh and rough timbres or strange tunes. Flute is the source of remarkable, lyrical, sometimes dreamy and solemn, sometimes – rough, dramatic, shrieky and moving sound. Acoustic guitar’s melodies are filled with love, natural and warm sound, expression and drive. The music is moving, bright and dynamic. Terrific, tremendous and stormy culminations are similar to roaring and vibrant vigilance of sounds and timbres. These episodes are the most beautiful and effective pieces. It gently fits together to tremendous, bright, moving and light solos, solemn and silent pieces, lyrical contemplations, deep, lonely and depressive notes, sophisticated pieces or – transcending, virtuosic, flying and dizzy passages. Powerful and tremendous riffs of electric guitar are filled with strange timbres, deep and vibrant ambient and moving trills. From soft, gentle and light episodes it goes straight to bright, tremendous, powerful, persecuting and perturbating culminations with dozens of trills, heavy and repetitive rhythmic series and thrilling riffs. Glitch, ambient, computer’s and electronics devices sounds, drone, loops, imitations, rare and synthetic tunes, peculiar timbres, modified tunes, alterations… – all the beauty of electronics is demonstrated by using various kinds of electronics. The main aim of this music is to synthesize together absolutely different fields of music – it’s a nice mix of free improvisation, the newest tendencies of avant-garde jazz, experimental jazz tendencies, the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz, who are gently fit together to ethnic Brasilian and Southern America’s countries music. It makes exotic, bright, moving, passionate and impressive sound to whole album.

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