Anthony Braxton – “Quartet (New Haven) 2014” (Firehouse 12, 2019)

“Quartet (New Haven) 2014” is out now on “Firehouse 12” label. Album was recorded by four featured American avant-garde jazz scene masters – Anthony Braxton (sopranino, soprano, alto, bariton, bass, and contrabass saxophones), Taylor Ho Bynum (cornet, flugelhorn, piccolo and bass trumpets, trumpbone), Nels Cline (electric guitar) and Greg Saunier (drums). Fresh, inventive, bright and passionate sound, original ideas, expressive and colorful instrumental section – all these elements are the keys of this album. The music is totally based on free improvisation, avant-garde jazz, experimental jazz, and the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz. Famous, effective and the most interesting excerpts from the themes of avant-garde jazz pionners are combined together to own, original and innovative ideas. Anthony Braxton has expressive and vital playing manner, driving, exciting and inspiring style and engaging playing manner. Taylor Ho Bynum brings the energy, drive, vitality and fascinating spontaneous solos to one place. Nels Cline mixed up avant-garde jazz, experimental music, free improvisation and strict, heavy, powerful and solid riffs and the intonations of vairious rock styles. Greg Saunier is an excellent drummer, who manages to mix up together typical and unusual rhythmic figures, nervous, complicated, splashing, bursting, perturbating, driving and moving free improvisations. All four musicians are dedicated to free, vital, honest, frantic, crazy and original improvising – their music has unique, bright and inspiring sound.

“Quartet (New Haven) 2014” is a mix of spontanity, impression, creativity and wild imagination. All these elements are mixed up together with the best and stunning virtuosity, wide musical knownledge, tremendous and moving culminations, silent contemplations and lyrical pieces. Individual and colorful compounds are highly contrasting with each other. It makes a fascinating mosaic of wide range of colors, tunes, rhythms, compounds and themes. Musicians collectively create multi-layed and illustrative pattern, effective and polyphonic facture, independent melody line, explosing and dynamic rhythmic section, sharp and aggressive harmony and gorgeous, colorful and imaginary background. They’re experimenting on various cases of musical language – that’s especially feels on instrumental section. Experiments, fresh ideas, inventive decisions, rare combos, exotic and peculiar tunes, specific, innovative, home-made or modified timbres… – huge range of these and some of other elements contain the main base of the instrumental section. And there’s huge palette of ornaments, abbreviations, trills, vibrato, ligh and dizzy passages, coloristics who also make an effort to enchanting, dynamic and impressive sound. Open form is chosed for all the compositions. It’s the best place to get on frantic and driving adventures, wild experiments, integrate specific, modern, stunning or simply crazy ideas or get down to silent, relaxing, meditative, sophisticated or any other mood. The music is based on free improvisation – musicians are improvising spontaneously almost all the time. They’re the masters of their art – one minute they’re on silent and solemn mood, abstract pieces or dark, heavy and depressive mood, and the other minute they burst on storm of sounds, frantic, shrieky, vibrant, perturbating, persecuting and breaking sessions or dramatic culminations. The dialogues and immediate reponses to each other’s playing are the most beautiful and effective pieces – it’s blooming, bright, persecuting and sparkling. Various kinds of saxophones by Anthony Braxton and cornet, flugelhorn, piccolo and bass trumpets, trumpbone by Taylor Ho Bynum contain the main base of the melody. Roaring and vivid solos, transcendating and flying ornaments, dizzy passages, expressive, remarkable and luminous melodies, passionate, vigilance and stormy culminations are corresponding to deep, trembling, repetitive, dark and heavy tunes, as well as soft, clair and tender tunes. Growls, bursts, sparkles, perturbating and percuting sessions, sharp and aggressive sequences of disonances also are important parts of the melody line. All these elements are gently combined together and make bright, exceptional and driving melody. Electric bass by Nels Cline is the source of interesting, exciting and contrasting improvisations. Breathing, live, frantic, strict and heavy riffs are related to some rocks styles. They’re gently combined together with free, wild, free and powerful improvisations, dramatic culminations or dives in contemplative, lyrical and silent pieces. Guitarist is improvising with passion and drive – he’s trying to extract strange timbres, expand the technical abilities and explore the new fields of sound. And he manages to do it splendidly – his improvisations is a nice mix of avant-garde, experimental and modern jazz, free improvisation and some tunes of various rocks styles. Greg Saunier drums section is dynamic, moving and constantly changing. Typical and innovative rhythmic figures related to various streams of avant-garde jazz are combined to bebop, post bop, other modern jazz styles, as well as mainstream, contemporary, traditional jazz, Afroamerican and Western African music rhythms and intonations. The music is sparkling and inspiring – impressive breaking sessions, complicated chords, frantic, furious and aggressive riffs, stable beats, calm and contemplative pieces, dizzy, light and flying solos, repetitive, minimalistic and simple episodes who correspond to vital, moving and vibrant culminations. These are the elements who contain the basic of terrific, marvelous and driving rhythmic section. All music of this album is a great mix of various avant-garde jazz styles – here meets avant-garde, creative, free and experimental jazz, free improvisation as well as the tunes of modern, contemporary and mainstream jazz, and various rock styles. It finally has remarkable and inspiring sound.

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