Stephen Gauci​/​Adam Lane​/​Kevin Shea – “Studio Sessions, Vol​.​2” (gaucimusic recordings, 2019)

“Studio Sessions, Vol​.​2” is out now on “gaucimusic recordings”. Album was recorded by three featured jazz masters – it’s Stephen Gauci (tenor saxophone), Adam Lane (bass) and
Kevin Shea (drums) who are improvising together. The musicians have outstanding, exciting and intensive playing manner. Original point of view makes an effort to creation of new, extraordinary, frsh and innovative sound. The musicians like the experiments in every way – strange tunes, original combos, rare pairs, eclectic styles, intriguing and exotic stylistic allusions, moving, spectacular and surprising free improvisations and tremendous riffs are the basics of their music. The music is totally related to the roots of American avant-garde jazz and the newest tendencies of experimental jazz. The allusions to aggressive hard bop, explosing and tremendous free improvisations, extravagant changes, soft tunes fo cool, mainstream or contemporary jazz also are heard. The musicians are the central figures of American avant-garde jazz scene. They’re concerting and collaborating all the time with numerous of other impressive, original and talented jazz masters of world-wide jazz scene.

“Studio Sessions, Vol​.​2” is filled with drive, impression, immediate and spontaneous reponses, stunning surprises and original experiments. Difficult musical pattern is created by using wide range of styles, pairs and stylistic allusions. A beautiful mosaic of free improvisation, avant-garde, free, creative, experimental jazz, as well as bebop, post bop, hard bop, neo bop and other modern jazz styles intonations is created. Musicians succesfully manage to create multi-layed, colorful and enchanting pattern, who’s based on rich, light and bright musical language, polyphonic facture and all kinds of rhythms, expressions and timbres. Musicians keep intriguing and driving mood of improvising – it’s no possibility to predict which will be the next turn. Musicians are improvising spontaneously for the most of the time. Impression, drive, original ideas, inventive decisions, wild imagination and passion to engaging, light, fascinating and exciting improvising makes a great result – the music is contrasting, moving and dynamic. Experimental, specific and traditional ways of playing are mixed up to original expressions, gorgeous and strange tunes, weird timbres, wide expansion of technical abilities and sound experiments. All these elements are keys of innovative, bright and expressive instrumental section. Stephen Gauci is great saxophonist. His music is full of colors, bright and inventive expressions, special effects and especially emotional playing manner. Virtuosic and splendid playinf technique helps for saxophonist to express all kinds of moods, sounds and special effects. Hot growls, blowing and driving riffs, intense, roaring, perturbating and tremendous bursts of energy, wild and flowing passages, remarkable and expressive melodies, sudden changes, contrasting compounds and gorgeous background – all these elements are mixed up together. Saxophonist is improvising spontaneously – his music is dynamic and constantly changing. Nervous, expressive and complicated solos grow straight to intense explosions, frantic and rigorous culminations, dizzy and flowing passages or go down to solemn, modest and lyrical excerpts. Tenor saxophone surely is the main base of melody line. It effects whole sound of album – energy, drive and intriguing, shocking or even provocative musical decisions are brought in here. Bassist Stephen Gauci keeps a strong and effective bass line. Repetitive, deep and vibrant series of bass also form and keep stable harmonic basic. Excellent and inventive bassist researches to new, exciting and original ways of playing – he demonstrates and recovers all wide spectre of abilities of double bass. The bass is the source of unknown tunes, strange timbres, original and interesting imitations, special effects and heavy, bright, tremendous and passionate culminations.  Expressive, complicated and contrasting rhythms, free and intense explosions, breaking sessions, gorgeous percussion’s timbres, moving, thrilling and tremendous riffs or silent, calm and stable beats – that’s the basics of fantastic, intense, perturbating and driving rhythmic section leaded by Kevin Shea. Marvelous drummer is creating spectacular, bright and tremendous rhythmic section by using his invention, musical knownledge, virtuosic and splendid playing technique and all kinds of sounds, playing techniques and tunes. The music by these three improvisers is passionate, driving and dynamic.

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