Thomas Heberer/Terrence McManus/ Michael Bates/Jeff Davis – “X Marks The Spot” (Out Now Recordings, 2019)

“X Marks The Spot” is out now on “Out Now Recordings”. The album was recorded by four featured jazz masters – Thomas Heberer (trumpet, cornet, quarter tone trumpet),
Terrence McManus (guitar), Michael Bates (double bass) and Jeff Davis (drums). All these jazz masters have interesting, inventive and expressive playing style. Their music is based on the main basics of free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. The musicians are going on adventurous and crazy culminations, frantic, exciting, thrilling and moving experiments, provocative, radical and original decisions and using modern expressions. Thomas Heberer is mixing up the roots of hot, expressive and spontaneous avant-garde jazz, the main tendencies of contemporary academical music and Asian music intonations. Terrence McManus’s playing style’s balancing between free improvisation, avant-garde, modern, contemporary, experimental jazz and fusion. Michael Bates suggests us to hear a nice combo of contemporary academical music, its modern and inventive instrumentation joined together with free improvisation and experimental jazz. Jeff Davis is an experienced drummer – he manages to fuse together Afroamerican, Western African music rhythms with the typical rhythmic figures of modern and contemporary jazz, as well as frantic and spontaneous free improvisations.

“X Marks The Spot” is a great mix of energy, drive and free improvisation. Musicians are mixing up the basics of experimental and contemporary academical music, free improvisation and the roots and the newest innovations of avant-garde jazz. The exotic tunes of Asian music are brought in by using quater tone trumpet. Musicians are open to new, original and radical ideas. They don’t hesitate to get on sparkling riffs, intense and perturbating energy’s explosions, interesting synchronisations and fabulous solos. Their music is based on spontaneous and surprising improvising, which also is driving, expressive and moving at the same time. Musicians are making immediate reponses, made spontaneously – it’s filled with surprises, sudden turns and colorful contrasts. All musical pattern is based on rich and enchanting musical language – all kinds of textures, sounds, rhythms, chords and expressions create dozens of layers who contain individual and inspiring musical pattern. Wide range of rhythms, timbres, tempos and expansion of technical abilities make an effort to incredible and fresh instrumental section. It’s a mix of experimental, traditional, very well-known, rare and exotic musical decisions and ways of playing. Sharp disonances contain effective, intense and awakening sound. Trumpet, cornet and quarter tone trumpet by Thomas Heberer makes an effort to whole melody line. Inspiring, moving, passionate, exciting and remarkable melodies are filled with buzzing, flowing, growling, urgling, frustrating, or even – perturbating, thrilling, frantic and bursting episodes. Improviser’s mixing up different types of instruments – natural, warm and expressive tunes of trumpet and cornet are mixed up to exotic and unknown tunes of quarter tune’s trumpet. Spontaneous, free, awakening and bright improvisations are filled with love, drive, passion and expression, as well as inventive, fresh and original ideas. His playing gently fits together to Terrence McManus’s guitar. Straight, strict and tight riffs, expressivem elodies, tunes of contemporary, modern and experimental jazz, mixed up all together with rock, avant-rock and fusion, ambient and experimental music, highly effects whole melody line and is balancing between academical music and free improvisation. Strange tunes, gorgeous timbres, expressive melodies, ambient, heavy and minimalistic series or rigorous and bursting explosions – all these elements contain the main base of guitar’s improvisations. Michael Bates is keeping straight bass line and creating colorful and moving melody line. His double bass is charming and dynamic. Heavy, straight and solemn tunes, repetitive series and slow contemplative solos are growing out to perturbating, vibrant, tremendous, explosing and dynamic culminations, who illustrate the background and bring new colors and sounds to the melody line. Wide, furious, eclectic and contrasting – that’s how we can call stormy and aggressive drums section leaded by Jeff Davis. Expressive and nervous bop, aggressive hard bop, calm and stable cool, dynamic contemporary or post-modern jazz styles, who meet vigilante, rigorous, free and spontaneous improvisations and fascinating musical experiments – all these elements gently fit together to one place. The music of this album is expressive, bright and modern.

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