Graham Dunning & Edward Lucas – “End of a Cable” (tsss tapes, 2019)

“End of a Cable” is out now on “tsss tapes”. Album was recorded by Graham Dunning (Turntable, snare drum and objects) and Edward Lucas (Trombone, recording and mix). Both musicians are great figures of experimental jazz scene. Musicians are playing together with famous jazz stars, they’re very well-known on world-wide jazz scene. Graham Dunning has interesting style, inspiring playing manner, unique sound and original point of view. His music is totally based on free improvisation, experimental jazz and some ethnic tunes of Italian and Southern Europe countries traditional rhythms. Edward Lucas is another one great improviser – his music is filled with passion, innovative ideas, expressive playing manner and modern expressions who fill all the musical pattern. Experimental, creative, free and avant-garde jazz, free improvisation and experimental music are joined together in his improvisations. Both musicians are open to new ideas, fresh tunes and inventive, radical or provocative ways of playing. Their music is based on fresh new strain and brand, original and inspiring sound.

Experiments, wild and radical ideas, synthetic and open forms and wide stylistic range are connected on “End of a Cable”. Both musicians are demonstrating their musical knownledge, bright and individual sound and authentic, specific, radical, expressive and driving ways of improvising. Musicians manage to create incredible instrumental section – it’s based on synthesis of experimental and traditional ways of playing, as well as special effects, expansion of technical abilities, extraction of strange, weird or peculiar timbres, gorgeous ornaments and coloristics. The music is wide and dynamic – msuicians are going through different moods and expressions. Vivid, bright, sophisticated, frantic, furious, hollowing, angry, passionate, heavy, deep, light, flying, astonishing or surprising – it’s just impossible to predict the next turn of the music. The sound also changes – from natural, sweet and remarkable it gets rough, tough, heavy, ambient, striking, intense, low or filled with strange timbres and colorful expressions. Musicians create multi-colorful and illustrative musical pattern, which’s also enchanting, expressive, moving, vivid and bright. The musical pattern has open form, is based on free improvisation, sharp disonances at the harmonic pattern, dynamic rhythmic, gorgeous background and all kinds of rhythms, tunes, sounds and expressions. All music is a nice mix of experimental and contemporary academical music, experimental jazz and free improvisations. Musicians are experimenting on each case of musical language – especially on instrumental and timbral section. Edward Lucas is combining together heavy, deep and solid trombone’s tunes and all kinds of electronics. Stable, slow, cracking or solemn solos are contrasting to adventurous, hollowing, furiously powerful, passionate and sparkling culminations. These episodes are similar to full blasts of energy mixed up to repetitive rhythms, monotonic series, sharp disonances, strange tunes and peculiar chords. Special effects, imitations, alterated and modified timbres, loops, ambient, glitch, sonoristic and concrete music – that’s just a part of all wide range of expressions and playing techniques of electronics. Graham Dunning is experimenting with various instruments – his rhythmic section is leading, passionate and bright. Rare combos, eclectic pairs, exotic tunes, special effects, astonishing and fascinating experiments are the main compounds of his music. Low and high, slow and fast, furious and soft, pecualiar and traditional, rare, exotic or bright, modern and original – musician manages to fuse together all types of rhythms, motions and sounds. Both musicians are improvising just marvelous – their music is a great mix of contemporary academical, experimental, concrete and sonoristic music, electronics, free improvisations, the innovations of experimental jazz and the roots of American and European avant-garde jazz. All these elements are perfectly joined together and make bright, modern and expressive sound.

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