Tilli/Tramontana – “Down At The Docks” (WE INSIST, 2019)

“Down At The Docks” is out now on “WE INSIST” label. Album was recorded by two great italian improvisers – Luca Tilli (cello) and Sebastiano Tramontana (trombone). The music played by this duo is somewhere between free improvisation, experimental jazz and the newest tendencies fo it. Both musicians have their own streams, who are xompletely individual and contrasting with each other. The newest innovations of avant-garde jazz, free improvisations, sound’s experiments, the tendencies and main tunes of contemporary academical, modern classical and experimental music are combined together. The music is moving, eclectic and based on wide range of styles and expressions. Both musicians are famous on international improvisational music’s scene. They’re collaborating, concerting and improvising with various famous jazz improvisers. Musicians are dedicated to create something new – their music is freshm, evocative, awakening, sometimes even striking, thrilling, aggressive, frantic and perturbating. It nerver gets boring to listen to music played and improvised by these two improvisers.

“Down At The Docks” is a mix of organic, natural and interesting timbres, original ideas and eclectic stylistic pairs. The music is a mix of experimental jazz, free improvisation, experimental, contemporary academical and modern classical music, as well as the main tunes of academic avant-garde. Both musicians take the open form and free improvisation as a basic. The music is bright, filled with all kinds of timbres, compounds, sounds, forms and expressions. Improvisers are experimenting on all cases of musical language – that especially touches instrumental section, as well as the form, harmony and other compounds. Open form is used on all compositions – free improvisation is the best place to express new, different, interesting, outrageous and stunning elements, ways of playing or any other elements. Gorgeous background consists of all kinds of ornaments, abbreviations, textures and tunes. Harmonic pattern is tuff, harsh and dramatic – it’s mostly based on longly-repeated series of dissonances who are mixed up to soft, meditative and subtle chords. Instrumental section is an artsy and organic mix of various ways of playing – traditional, authentic, ethnic, self-made, outrageous, wild, frantic or experimental ways of playing are mixed up to one place. Radical ideas, fresh and innovative point of view, strange tunes, outrageous and peculiar timbres, natural coloristics and sound’s experiments also make an effort to remarkable and innovative instrumental section. The melody line is kept by both musicians. Basically, trombone keeps straight, heavy and deep bass line which is illustrated by cracking, growling, furious, sometimes even frantic solos. Ornamental, gorgeous, driving and surprising tunes, strange timbres and interesting combos are expressed by cello. Trombone’s solos by Sebastiano Tramontana are filled with heavy, deep and solemn tunes who are formed to the monotonic and repetitive series, lyrical and subtle solos who grow out to hollowing, scratching, cracking, luminous, powerful, perturbating and expressive culminations. Trombone’s improvisations are based on the basics of free improvisation – improviser plays spontaneously, he manages to fuse together different and individual compounds who have no lien with each other. Sebastiano Tramontana has a masterful and wide musical knownledge – he can imitate nature’s sounds, research and extract new,m interesting or peculiar timbres, rare ways of playing, expand the technical abilities of trombone and experiment on all cases of musical language. Cello by Luca Tilli is expressive, moving, luminous, vivid and dynamic. It’s completely different from the solemn, contemplative and heavy trombone. Luca Tilli also is marveous improviser. The playing style is a mix of contemporary academical, experimental and modern classical music, academic avant-garde, free improvisation and experimental jazz. Improviser masterfully uses all kinds of playing techniques – distinctive, organic, outrageous, experimental, peculiar or simply engaging, radical and frantic ways of playing are used here. From sad, sophisticated, calm or serious solos music goes to growling, urgling, vibrant, trembling, engaging, inspiring, passionate and expressive melodies. It’s illustrated with trembles, trills, glissando, dizzy, light and flowing passages, ambient tunes, imitations of nature’s sounds and various coloristics. The musicians are masterfully using all kinds of playing techniques – the main and very well-known ways of playing of contemporary experimental music are used here – these elements are mixed up to home-made, outrageous, radical, shocking, provocative, exotic or ethnic ways of playing who are related to traditional Italian, Spanish or any Southern Europe’s countries music. The music has remarkable, passionate and interesting sound.

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