NOBJECT (Martin Kuchen/Rafał Mazur/Vasco Trilla) – “X​-​RAYED” (Fundacja Sluchaj, 2019)

“X​-​RAYED” is out now on “Fundacja Sluchaj” label. Album was recorded by “NOBJECT” – it’s a featured trio of Martin Küchen (sopranino – and tenor saxophones), Rafal Mazur (acoustic bass guitar) and Vasco Trilla (drums). The music of this trio is a mix of various strains and traditions of various avant-garde jazz styles. Experienced, grat, feautures and talented jazz masters are famous on world-wide jazz scene. Their innovations, expressive, touching and driving playing style, inspiring and exlusive playing manner, rich, enchanting and illustrative musical language, make an effort to their original and unique sound. It’s not the first time, when these three improvisers are playing together – the musicians had been improvising together dozens of times. Their collective improvisations are filled with new and fresh ideas, modern conceptions, unconventional decisions who are mixed with fantasy, wild imagination, creativity and the will to create something new. The musicians are playing and collaborating with other exclusive jazz stars of world wide jazz scene. The music is a mix of European, Scandinavian and American avant-garde jazz scene – expressive melodies, remarkable and flowing solos, spontaneous surprises, joyful, playful, dynamic, sometimes – frantic, furious, aggressive, sharp and wild style, is a real piece of cake for all the listeners of avant-garde jazz.

“X​-​RAYED” is full of energy, inventive decisions, surprises and intense energy’s explosions. All three musicians are improvising on their own – their style is unique, independent and original. Musicians don’t hesitate to get on bright, eclectic and original musical decisions, fascinating experiments on all sections of musical language. The musicians are full of extravagant decisions, eclectic or rare stylistic combos, radical and provocative ideas, who are mixed up with fresh point of view and creativity. Improvisers have splendid playing techniques – dizzy solos, flowing passages, gorgeous ornaments, strange timbres are fused together with expressive, moving and passionate playing manner and inspiring sound. Musicians are improvising with drive, delight and passion. They’re dedicated to create engaging, new and fresh sound. And they manage to do it succesfully – rich, enchanting and multi-layed musical language is created. Multi-layed, colorful and universal musical pattern is based on solid and independent melody line, dynamic and wide rhythmic section, modern, radical or bright expressions, all kinds of emotions, characters and forms. It’s touching, amazing and modern – musicians are creating perturbating, pulsating, beating, breaking and explosing sound. The music is based on experimental, creative, free and avant-garde jazz – some tunes of bebop, post bop and other modern jazz’s styles. Musicians are also fusing together the tunes of other music’s styles and authentic intonations. Martin Kuchen”s improvisations are rich, wide and enchanting. It has hypnotising and expressive sound, which is created by using universal kit of instrumental ways. His music is a nice fusion of the newest ideas of contemporary experimental jazz, wild free improvisation, spontaneous solos and the tunes of various dances, ethnic Scandinavian music and other similar tunes. Musician is creating a synthesis of experimental jazz and ethnic Scandinavian and Western European music, as well as modern jazz’s styles, contemporary, mainstream and cool’s sounds. American and Scandinavian avant-garde jazz’s styles are fused together – Martin Kuchen has his own strain, which is simply authentic, bright and fantastic. Expressive solos, remarkable and passionate melodies, frantic, franzy, thrilling and bursting blow outs, roaring, expulsive and perturbating riffs, breaking sessions, hypnotising rhythmic sessions contain the main base of his saxophone’s solos. Saxophone’s solos are bringing driving, stunning and passionate to the melody line and whole album. The guitar of Rafal Mazur is amazing and effective, it’s strongly contrasting to the saxophones. Strict riffs, powerful, intense and stunning solos, vibrant and dramatic culminations, quadratic forms who are gently corellating to free, wild and spontaneous improvisations – that’s the main base of this album. Rafal Mazur’s style is based on aggressive, strict and frantic playing manner who’s mixed up with drive, power, energy and expressions. It’s a wonderful mix of wild free improvisations, new and modern experimental jazz and the tunes of rock and avant-rock styles, who are blurred to eexpressive, nervous and complicated rhythms of bebop, hard bop, mainstream, fusion, contemporary and other kinds of jazz styles. Both musicians manage to create original, explosing and hypnotising melody line. They also dictate the main mood and sound of whole album. The drums section of Vasco Trilla are simply amazing and stunning. Drummer masterfully fuses together breaking and free sessions of avant-garde and experimental jazz, aggressive, powerful and intense rhythms of modern jazz styles, ethnic rhythms of Afroamerican, Spanish and other countries of Southern Europe music. The rhythmic section is colorful, bright, passionate and driving – it’s filled with individual compounds, strange timbres, coloristics, abbreviations and all kinds of other elements. The music of this album is bright, modern, innovative and driving.


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