Urs Leimgruber, Jacques Demierre, Barre Phillips, Thomas Lehn ‎– “Willisau” (Jazzwerkstatt, 2019)

“Willisau” is out now on “Jazzwerkstatt” label. Album was recorded by Urs Leimgruber (Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone), Jacques Demierre (piano), Barre Phillips (double bass) and Thomas Lehn (synthesizer). These four improvisers are featured figures of European avant-garde jazz scene. Unpredictable, spontaneous, fresh, surprising and driving – that’s how we could call the music played and improvised by these four jazz masters. Innovations and traditions, modern conceptions and roots of avant-garde jazz, fresh strains, evocative decisions, surprising, wild, crazy and frantic free improvisations or authentic, exotic and rare tunes – musicians manage to combine together all these elements. The music is amusing, surprising, alive and expressive. It’s always full of contrasts and surprises. The musicians are improvising with love, drive and pleasure – their improvisations are the mixes of energy, vividness and original ideas. The musicians are famous on world-wide jazz scene – they had been playing and improvising with huge number of other featured jazz stars. All their music joins together avant-garde and experimental jazz, free improvisation and the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz.

A mix of vigilance, drive, power and energy – it’s the compositions of “Willisau”. This album consists of free collective improvisations who are the main compounds of each composition. The musicians are improvising independently and don’t hesitate integrate original, drastic, radical or simply crazy ideas of playing. They succeed to create inventive and expressive instrumental section – it’s a mix of sound’s experiments, innovative and traditional playing techniques, acoutics and electronics combo, special effects, strange and relevant tunes, bright ideas and unconventional decisions. The music is written for piano, saxophone and double bass. Colorful and inspiring melodies of these three instruments form the melody basement and are illustrated by synthesizer’s sounds. The musicians succesfully create rich, enchanting and passionate musical pattern. It’s based on huge range of musical language’s elements, gently combined together – bright and exclusive expressions, weird timbres, strange, exotic, rare and extended playing techniques, wild and frantic culminations, gorgeous passages are gently fused together. The musicians form bright and strong melody line. It’s generally kept by marvelous saxophone’s and piano’s duo and illustrated by double bass tunes. Vivid, blowing and sparkling saxophone brings the energy and drive to the compositions. Improviser manages to fuse together all kinds of different musical language’s elements. Expressive, remarkable and inspiring melodies, remarkable and tremendous solos, roaring, fascinating and thrilling riffs, the researches of strange timbres and original decisions, sudden changes, conceptual ideas – all these elements gently fit together. Saxophone’s solos are vivid, contrasting, bright and driving. Piano’s improvisations are real blasts of energy. Pianist fuses together silent and lyrical solos, subtle and contemplative excerpts who meet tremendous and dramatic culminations, shrieky tunes, growling, roaring and explosing culminations, hot spills and dizzy passages. Strange timbres, inventive decisions, extended playing techniuqes, gorgeous ornaments, extremely loud and powerful sessions, expressive melodies and all kinds of different playing techniques are used here to make exclusive and rich musical facture. Piano and saxophone are the keys of these improvisations. It dictates the main mood and sound of all compositions and bring driving, passionate, expressive and moving sound to the melody line. Double bass jeeps stable bass line and firm harmonic background. The music is contrasting and colorful – dynamic turns of heavy and stable solos, repetitive and minimalistic series meet thrilling, shrieky, dynamic, passionate and dramatic culminations, breaking sessions and ambient tunes. The synthesizer’s sounds are against the acoustics. If the acoustics is the source of expressive, live, gorgeous and natural sound, the electronics, on the contrary, make an opposite section to it. Modern investigations, strange tunes, special effects, computer’s and electronic’s devices sounds, sonic system’s experiments, glitch, loops, ambient, drone, radio’s and field recordings, imitations, alterations and synthetic modified timbres of other instruments – all these elements contain the main part of the electronics. The music has evocative, awakening, interesting and dynamic sound.

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