Sarah Gail Brand / Steve Beresford / John Edwards / Mark Sanders – “All Will Be Said, All To Do Again” (Regardless, 2019)

“All Will Be Said, All To Do Again” is out now on “Regardless Records”. Album was recorded by Sarah Gail Brand (trombone), Steve Beresford (piano and electronics), John Edwards (double bass) and Mark Sanders (drums and percussion). Four musicians are the central figures of contemporary experimental’s jazz scene. The musicians are active on European and world-wide jazz scene. They’re making the interesting collaborations, recorsing featured albums with famous jazz masters and concerting on the scenes of international jazz’s festivals in various countries. Their music is totally based on avant-garde jazz and free improvisations. Open form, free, wild and creative collective improvisations, spontaneous solos, immediate reponses, expressive and touching playing manner, rich musical language, wide musical knownledge, huge range of enchanting and passionate expressions or innovative ways of playing – musicians succesfully combine together all these elements to one place. They search and find the link between the newest innovations of experimental jazz and the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz and the main principes created by its pionners. That’s the reason why their music is fresh, dynamic, driving and inspiring.

“All Will Be Said, All To Do Again” is a mix of perturbance, energy, drive and passion. All four improvisers are improvising with pleasure. Most part of the compositions is spontaneously created – musicians gently fit together, listening and reacting to each other’s playing. They’re giving spontaneous and immediate reponses or bursting in adventurous, and perturbating solos, when the other’s are on subtle or lyrical excerpts. Together they’re experimenting and creating original, passionate and expressive sound. All musical pattern is based on multi-layed compounds, conceptual ideas, all kinds of rhythms, sounds, individual melodies, solid and dramatic harmonic basement, breaking and thrilling basement sessions, special effects and dozens of other elements. The musicians manage to create universal and innovative instrumental section which is based on synthesis of experimental, traditional, authentic, expressive or exotic ways of playing, rare combos and extended stylistic pairs. Musicians are extracting strange and unusual timbres, exploring unknown fields of musical language and researching new ways of playing all the time. It’s the main priority of each composition – the improvisers don’t specify to create glamorous, remarkable or expressive melodies. They’re making spontaneous decisions, integrate fresh and unknown ideas, fascinating experiments – driving, passionate and expressive sound is created naturally without any effort. The melody line is created by trombone and piano. Perturbating, thrilling, drilling, luminous and perturbating piano’s solos are expressive, bright and wild. Its expressive and vital melodies are mixed up to glamorous, flying, remarkable and dizzy passages, gorgeous ornaments, heavy, furious and frantic disonances sequences, breaking and aggressive sessions, repetitive and minimalistic series, as well as strange tunes, subtle or lyrical excerpts, extravagant contemplations or great, explosing and powerful spills of energy. Piano’s improvisations are real bursts of energy, expression, joy, drive and pleasure. Heavy and static trombone also is effective and surprising. The improvisations are played on thrilling, hot, sharp, aggressive and inspiring playing manner. Static and heavy tunes form stable bass line. It’s heavily contrasting with conceptual solos, hollowing blow outs, stitching, swirling, explosing, roaring or growling culminations accompagnied by special effects or strange timbres. Tombone and piano create effective, vibrant, radical and solid melody line. The rhythmic line is based on drums and bass. The drums section is completely fantastic, great and remarkable. Frantic and furiously fast series or nervous and complicated turns, hot explosions, burning bursts of energy, stitching, blasting, powerful, beating and intensive series, breaking sessions and some stable, lyrical and calm excerpts who show the other side of the album. The music is moving, persecutive, perturbating and based on fantastic and inspiring free improvisations. Double bass  constructs stable and heavy bass line. It’s also a source of strange timbres, wild and strange experiments, original decisions or special effects – double bass makes an effort to gorgeous and remarkable background and illustrates the melody line. Synthetic tunes, computer’s sounds, special effects, alterations, imitations, modified timbres, field recordings, soninc system’s experiments, drone, glitch, ambient, loops – it’s just the basics of electronics who are used here. It makes contrasting, original and modern sound. The music is a great and organic synthesis of various jazz styles – it’s frantic, surprising, evocative and inspiring.

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