Axel Dörner & Agustí Fernández – “Palynology” (Sirulita Records, 2019)

“Palynology” is out now on “Sirulita Records” label. Album was recorded by two great European avant-garde jazz masters – Axel Dörner (trumpet and electronics) and
Agustí Fernández (piano). These two improvisers are fantastic improvisers and the central figures of European and international avant-garde jazz scene. They’re concerting and collaborating with other famous jazz stars. Musicians are original and experienced players – their music is filled with strong contrasts, bright ideas, moving and trembling culminations, ascending episodes, soft and silent excerpts, as well as hot thrills, synthesized tunes, strange timbres and luminous, thrilling and rigorous riffs. Original ideas, inventive decisions, passionate and expressive improvising’s manner, innovative instrumentation and fresh point of view – all these elements are joined together in their music. All music is a nice fusion of various jazz styles – free improvisation, experimental, creative, free and avant-garde jazz make a great combo with bebop, post bop, cool, mainstream and contemporary jazz, as well as the main tunes of experimental music and academic avant-garde.

“Palynology” is a mix of contrasting compounds, fresh tunes, awakening ideas, various experimental jazz’s streams and sound’s experiments. All the compositions are based on open form and free improvisation. The music is moving, bright and dynamic – various emotions, characters, rhythms and tunes are changing each other silmunateously. Sad and sorrowful, angry and furious, vital, fresh, experimental, expressive, luminous, radical, vibrant, nervous, complicated, conflicted, provocative – all huge range of emotions, characters and moods are expressed here. Musicians are mixing up acoustics and electronics. They make an universal and innovative instrumental section which is based on experimenta, expressive, extended and specific ways of playing, traditional ways of playing, as well as rare combos, exotic tunes, eclectic pairs and special effects. The musical language is rich, enchanting and vivid – modern and vital expressions, impressive playing techniques, fresh ideas, moving, thrilling and bright riffs are just one little part of the musical pattern. The musical pattern is based on polyphonic section, independent melodies, electronics, synthetic tunes, strange timbres and all kinds of rhythsms and sounds. Musicians are fusing together complicated, vibrant, roaring, repetitive, hypnotising, monotonic, stable, extremely fast or very slow rhythms, typical rhytmic series of some jazz styles or get on adventurous, unexpected and wild free improvisations. Trumpet by Axel Dorner and piano by Agustí Fernández keep the base of melody line. It’s moving, bright, extended and rich. Hot, growling, furious, angry and sharp trumpet is played with especially expressive, nervous and driving playing manner. Improviser fuses huge spectre of emotions and playing techniques – hot growls, bursting thrills, furious urglings, vibrant swirls, angry, rigorous and aggressive riffs, perturbating blow outs, roaring and enchanting solos, passionate, dizzy and light passages, flowing arpeggios, expressive, driving and remarkable melodies contain the main part of trumpet’s improvisations. It has driving, hypnotising and evocative sound. Agusti Fernandez is playing just fantastic. His improvisations are real blast of energy, drive and wildness. Imagination, creavity, crazy, wild and frantic solos, spontaneous decisions, pleasant surprises, enchanting musical language, wide musical knownledge, unique sound and inspiring improvising’s way – all these elements are mixed up together with drive, pleasure, passion and expression. Perturbating series, remarkable, flowing, dizzy and touching melodies, hypnotising and breaking sessions, sharp and aggressive disonances sequences, tremendous riffs, sound’s experiments, strange timbres and ornaments make bright and expressive sound. Acoustic’s synthesis with elctronics is contrasting and interesting. Field recordings, ambient, drone, glitch, computer devices sounds, implified tunes, modified and alterated timbres, nature sounds imitations are just a little part of whole huge range of techniques who are used here. Two great improvisers succeed to create enchanting, inspiring and original sound.

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