Evan Parker & Kinetics – “Chiasm” (Clean Feed, 2019)

“Chiasm” is a feautured release of “Clean Feed Records”. Album was recorded by Evan Parker and “Kinetics” trio – here together improvise Evan Parker (tenor saxophone), Jacob Anderskov (piano), Adam Pultz Melbye (bass) and Anders Vestergaard (drums). Featured, talented and original jazz masters have original, expressive and fluent imrpovising style. They are combining rare, exotic and eclectic ideas, interesting instrumental pairs, extravagant combos and are open to new, fresh and evocative ideas. All four of them have wide knownledge of musical language, fantastic playing technique, impressive improvising style and innovative point of view. The music is based on free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. The newest tendencies of avant-garde jazz are mixed up with the roots of 1960’s avant-garde and its main elements. Musicians don’t stick up to the conventional rules – they’re getting on their own, new, original, inspiring and impressive way of improvising. Despite of that, improvisers don’t go too far from the main conception and principe of avant-garde jazz and improvisational music – they manage to create astonishing and touching sound.

“Chiasm” is a nice collaboration of famous british saxophonist Evan Parker and Jacob Anderskov trio “Kinetics”. Musicians are creating enchanting, bright and driving sound. Their improvisations are based on free collective improvisations, effective and stunning solos, roaring and breaking riffs, striking and thrilling culminations and innovative decisions. Musicians manage to fuse together traditions and innovations of contemporary experimental jazz. From the music of avant-garde jazz pioneers they go straight to their own, new, exciting and fresh sound. The balance between various moods, conceptions and characters is kept very well – from silent and solemn episodes musicians suddenly get on adventurous, striking, moving and driving blasts of energy or exlusive and enchanting solos. The music is filled with contrasts – each musician has his own point of view and original way of improvising. There’s so much of them, that you can predict where’s this music is going to turn next. Conceptual ideas, radical decisions, bright contrasts are combined together with innovative instrumental section, who ius balanced, effective and universal. Experimental and traditional playing techniques make a great combo with special effects, strange timbres and sound’s experiments. The tradiitons of various European and American jazz styles are combined together and accompagnied by tunes of modern and contemporary jazz styles, Scandinavian avant-garde jazz and experimental music. The rhythmic section is moving, perturbating and driving. All kinds of rhythms consist it. The melody line is kept by piano and saxophone. These two instruments gently fit together and create blooming, fresh, awakening and enchanting melody line. Saxophone is hot, evocative and exclusive. It’s filled with hot growls, light and flying solos, fluent and dizzy passages, furious, growling, urgling and aggressive riffs, roaring and tremendous blow outs, silent pauses, lyrical and solemn pieces illustrated by radical ideas, rare combos, exotic tunes and weird timbres. It’s expression, drive, joy, passion who are joined together with creativity and wild imagination on Evan Parker’s improvisations. Piano melodies ae driving and perturbating. Roaring roulades, dizzy, furious and charming solos, expressive, enchanting and dynamic melodies, spontaneous decisions, sudden turns, free, wild, frantic and thrilling improvisations, nervous and complicated rhythms who are changed by stable and calm ones – all huge spectre of musical language’s elements are brought to one place on Jacob Anderskov music. Both musicians manage to find the suitable balance between different moods, interpretations and characters. Their melody line is real blast of energy, where joy, vigilance, passion and drive meets together. Bass and drums contain the rhythmic section. Bass has many functions – it’s keeping stable and heavy bass line with repetitive tunes and illlustrating the melody line and background. Strain and sharp tunes, ambient, special effects, deep and heavy solos, perturbating and radiante culminations – all these elements contain the main pattern of this music. Bassist Adam Pultz Melbye surely knows how to switch and combine together enchanting, contrasting and independent musical language’s elements in the most effective and original way. Drums section is leaded by Anders Vestergaard. Drummer manages to join together the typical and innovative rhythmic figures of various music styles – a nice and organic fusion is made from modern jazz styles, extravagant rhythmic figures of experimental jazz, European, American and Scandinavian avant-garde jazz styles. Special effects, sound experiments, rare combos, pleasant surprises, stunning and sparkling riffs, moving solos , radiante, powerful and explosing culminations, breaking sessions or any other elements contain the main part of drum’s section. The music of this album has expressive, driving and exclusive sound.

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