Jean-Marc Foussat & Urs Leimgruber – “Face To Face” (Fou Records, 2019)

“Face To Face” is out now on “Fou Records” label. Jean-Marc Foussat (synthesizer AKS, voice) and Urs Leimgruber (tenor & soprano saxophone) had recorded this album.The musicians are creating new and original sound of avant-garde jazz. The newest tendencies of experimental jazz, the basics of avant-garde, creative and free jazz, wild, astonishing and passionate free improvisation, expressive and complicated tunes of bebop, sharp hard bop, modern neo bop and post bop, as well as the main elements of experimental music and electronics – musicians manage to combine together this huge amount of styles and genres. They both have original point of view, innovative playing style, creative and experimental composing manner and unique sound. Musicians are creative, experienced and talented improvisers. They have much experience on world-wide jazz scene – musicians had been collaborating with other famous jazz masters and played on international jazz festivals. Musicians are the active members of contemporary avant-garde jazz scene.

“Face To Face” is a nice mix of experimental music, academic avant-garde, free improvisation and experimental jazz. The musicians are combining their own ideas, inventive decisions, innovative ways of playing and the roots of avant-garde jazz. Free collective improvisation is the leading form of this album. Most part of the compositions are based on free improvisation and open form. This is the best place to fuse together different ideas, original decisions, innovative ways of playing and stunning sound experiments. The music is organic, has rich and evocative musical language and universal rhythmic section. Acoustics, electronics, voice and special effects contain the main base of instrumental section. Musicians are demonstrating wide, modern and universal musical language – that’s why they manage to create enchanting, effective and innovative instrumental section. It’s based on sound experiments, special effects, strange timbres and synthesis of acoustics, voice and electronics. Musicians are getting on adventurous and shining experiments. It’s modern, fresh and evocative – the musicians like to make eclectic combos, rare  pairs, exotic tunes and colorful, peculiar, strange or simply weird timbres. All kinds of complicated, nervous, roaring, repetitive or stable rhythmic sessions contain multi-layed rhythmic section. The harmonic pattern is a mix of consonances, minimalistic tunes and disonances who bring in contrasting, dramatic and evocative sound. Soft and natural saxophones are highly contrasting with synthesizer sounds and voice elements. Recitations, spoken elements, special effects, modern, extravagant and eclectic playing techniques, the newest innovations and experiments of voice is the source of original and moving sound and gorgeous background. The melody line is kept by saxophones. It’s – wide, shining, charming, sometimes – fluent, dizzy, rough, strict, aggressive or furious. All kinds of emotions are expressed in the melody line by using wide range of playing techniques and expressions. Urs Leimgruber is a master of improvising – musician manages to improvise by going through different moods, characters and emotions. The music is emotiuonal, impressive and based on spontaneous musical decisions for the most of the time. Sparkling, enchanting and expressive melodies, stunning, roaring, blowing and thrilling riffs, special effects, strange timbres, weird, provocative, radical or simply crazy musical decisions make an effort to moving, bright, solid and dynamic melody line. The synthesized tunes, alterated and modified sounds, special effects, computer devices sounds and sonic system’s experiments are the main elements who contain the sound of synthesizer. Jean-Marc Foussat makes a pleasant and original combo of voice experiments and synthesizer’s tunes – it’s modern, dynamic and effective. Both musicians are improvising just marvelous – together they create fresh, evocative and awakening sound.

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