Tomeka Reid/Filippo Monico – “The Mouser” (Relative Pitch Records, 2019)

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“The Mouser” is out now on “Relative Pitch Records”. Album was recorded by two great jazz masters of contemporary experimental jazz scene – cellist Tomeka Reid and percussionist Filippo Monico. Two great jazz masters are original and innovative improvisers. Tomeka Reid is the mnain figure of contemporary Chicago avant-garde jazz scene. Her playing style is based on the main newest tendencies of experimental jazz, her own and specific ways of playing, expressive and driving playing manner, special effects, sound’s experiments and innovative instrumentation. The music is moving and bright – it’s filled with moving, brigh and remarkable solos, lyrical and calm excerpts, researches of strange tunes and wild free improvisations. Filippo Monico is a talented and experienced drummer. All his music is based on avant-garde jazz – it’s moving, bright and passionate free improvisation. Rare combos, eclectic pairs, strong contrasts, extravagant ideas – all these elements turn his compositions to real piece of art. Both musicians have innovative point of view – they’re willig to experiment and create innovative sound.

The musicians are exploring new ways of playing, expanding the abilities of their instruments and create original and eclectic stylistic variety. “The Mouser” is based on wide stylistic variety of various jazz styles. Musicians take the free improvisation as a basic of each composition. The newest tendencies of experimental jazz are combined together with roots of avant-garde jazz, traditional ways of improvising and original ideas of Chicago, American and European avant-garde jazz. The music is effected by modern jazz styles – bebop, hard bop, post bop, as well as the others. Musicians are improvising creatively and free – their music is dynamic, full of interesting changes, eclectic fusions, exotic tunes, innovative instrumental decisions and radical ideas. Musicians manage to create bright, moving and eclectic musical pattern, which is based on independent melody line, solid and stunning rhythmic section, and gorgeous background. Cellist Tomeka Reid is one of the famous and active figures of contemporary experimental jazz scene of Chicago. Her playing style is moving, expressive, filled with original ideas and passionate culminations. Improviser likes to get on adventurous experiments, trembling and expressive solos, inspiring ideas and radical decisions. Her music is based on wide stylistic matter and dynamic turns of moods and characters – it’s solemn, calm and silent, abstract and subtle, lyrical and slow, moving and bright, vibrant, frantic, furious, expressive, perturbating, driving or simply beautiful and impressive. The free improvisation, experimental jazz and the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz are joined together – fresh ideas, traditions and innovations meet together. Cellist find the suitable way how to express different moods, reach hollowing and perturbating culminations, moving solos or dive in lyrical contemplations. Even though her music is changing all the time, it rests effective, sparkling and bright. Expressive melodies are filled with sparkling solos, wild and free improvisations, special effects, sound experiments, ambient tunes or simply weird, peculiar, original and innovative decisions who illustrate whole musical pattern. Cello certainly contains the base of the melody line – it brings effective, driving and vivid sound. Percussionist Filippo Monico is an impressive improviser and talented musician. His innovative ideas meet the traditions, professional and expressive playing technique, wide musical knownledge and inspiring, fresh and modern style go along together with drive, joy, creativity and impression. His music is liek a storm of various rhythms and colorful timbres – furious, fast, wild, perturbating and breaking sessions, silent pauses, subtle and stable beats, frustrating, aggressive or trembling riffs are all combined together in his improvisation. Nice mix of avant-garde jazz and some modern jazz styles is made here. The music of this album has expressive and impressive sound.

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