Daniel Studer – “Extended For Strings & Piano” (Ezz-thetics, 2019)

Extended For Strings & Piano Product Image

“Extended For Strings & Piano” is out now on “Eez-thetics” label. Album was recorded by Harald Kimmig (violin), Frantz Loriot (viola), Alfred Zimmerlin (cello), Daniel Studer (double bass) and Philip Zoubek (piano). These five musicians are demonstrating new, innovative and fresh sound of avant-garde jazz. Their music is an authentic fusion of various jazz styles and contemporary academical music. Free improvisation, special effects, sound experiments, contemporary and modern jazz, mainstream and some various jazz styles are combined together to experimental music, academic avant-garde and contemporary academical music. The music is bright and expressive. It’s always balancing somewhere between free improvisation and composing. Musicians have a new conception of jazz – it’s full of innovative ways of playing, crazy ideas, frantic and spontaneous solos, wild and dynamic turns, furiously fast passages and all kinds of modern, evocative and impressive expressions.

The musicians manage to make an organic, artsy and authentic fusion of free improvisation and academic avant-garde on “Extended For Strings & Piano”. The album contains original improvisations, who have rich, eevocative and expressive musical language, polyphonic facture and innovative instrumental section. The music is bright, moving and dynamic. It’s always somewhere between wild, frantic and free improvisation and contemporary academical music. Musicians integrate dozens of different elements, timbres and expressions – special effects, strange timbres, moving trills, independent melodies, enchanting passages, tiny and gorgeous ornaments, dynamic rhythms and wide range of characters and emotions. These elements contain enchanting, effective and original musical pattern, which’s based on modern expressions, experimental, traditional and specific ways of playing, special effects and stunning experiments. Free improvisation, avant-garde jazz, the newest innovations of experimental jazz are the keys of the album. It contains the main base of the compositions. The music is influenzed by modern and contemporary jazz styles, such as mainstream, bebop, hard bop, neo bop and etc. The intonations related to experimental music, academic avant-garde and contemporary academical music, are heard here also. These intonations are brought in by strings. The musicians are dedicated to create new and original sound. They mix the similar tunes, make original, eclectic, drastic or radical decisions, get on adventurous experiments or wild, frustrating, perturbating and aggressive improvisations. Each musician has its own style and new, original and interesting conception of avant-garde jazz. The melody line is solid, deep, independent and polyphonic. It’s kept by violin’s, viola’s, cello’s and piano’s improvisations. Piano is the source of energy, joy, drive and passion. It’s based on wide range of styles, elements, expressions and moods. Pianist moderates the innovations of experimental and contemporary academical music and free improvisations. Radical ideas, shocking experiments, innovative and experimental ways of playing, traditional and extended playing techniques of contemporary academical music, modern expressions and conceptual decisions are joined together. Sparkling riffs, perturbating series, sharp and aggressive chords sessions, meditative, hypnotising or minimalistic rhythms, expressive, driving, light or luminous melodies, lyrical and subtle contemplations – all these elements gently fit together. Expressive, passionate and vivacious melodies of violin are highly effected by contemporary academical music and experimental music. Shrieky tunes, harsh timbres, dramatic culminations, tremendous, luminous and furious melodies make original and interesting sound. Deep and solemn viola’s melodies brings lyrical mood to the compositions. Slow or mid-slow solos, deep and tight tunes, calm and lyrical excerpts who grow out to moving culminations – that’s the fundaments of these compositions. The cello is an universal instrument. It’s bringing new colors to the melody, illustrating the background and  keeping bright and original rhythmic section. Deep and repetitive tunes keep heavy and solid bass line who grow out to moving, illustrating, enchanting, dizzy, flowing, passionate, fluent, virtuosic and just impressive culminations. The double bass is the base of bass line. It’s filled with repetitive tunes, strange timbres, ambient, special effects and dozens of other elements, who make effective and innovative sound. The music of this album has expressive, driving and interesting sound.

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