Angles 9 – “Beyond Us” (Clean Feed, 2019)

“Beyond Us” is out now on “Clean Feed Records”. Album was recorded by featured and famous ensemble “Angles 9”. The ensemble is formed by famous Scandinavian jazz masters – it’s Johan Berthling (double bass), Magnus Broo (trumpet), Eirik Hegdal (baritone saxophone), Goran Kajfes (cornet), Martin Küchen (alto – and tenor saxophones), Mattias Ståhl (vibraphone), Andreas Werliin (drums), Alexander Zethson (piano) and Mats Äleklint (trombone). All musicians are the central figures of contemporary experimental jazz scene. Their music is based on innovative tendencies of Scandinavian avant-garde jazz, which is mixed up together with roots of American avant-garde jazz and the tunes of European avant-garde jazz. Inspiring and sparkling style, fascinating experiments, expressive, rich and evocative musical language, hypnotising and organic sound – all these elements contain the main part of their music. The collective improvisations of “Angles 9” are filled with drive, passion, energy and expression.

“Beyond Us” is filled with energy, stunning experiments and innovative decisions. The musicians like to improvise on their own and search to new ways of playing. Together they manage to create wild, furious, perturbating and dramatic free improvisations who are filled with strange tunes, dynamic turns, gorgeous and pleasant surprises and sound experiments. Each musician has his own way of playing and improvising. They’re making the highest priority to sound experiments, evocative ideas and the creation of new, fresh and original sound. Repetitive rhythmic series, constantly changing rhythms, strange tunes, independent and contrasting melodies, colorful compounds, conceptual combos, moving trills, gorgeous ornaments, textures and dozens of other elements contain multi-colorful musical pattern. The musical pattern is based on wide range of styles and bordering dynamics, all kinds of tempos, rhythms and melodies. Each instrument has its own melody – huge range of melodies effects polyphonic facture. The melody line is solid and bright. It’s based on saxophones, trumpet, cornet, trombone and piano. Vivid, light and passionate tunes of saxophones bring in the life, energy and expression. Improviser tries out innovative ways of playing, interesting expressions and original ideas. Eirik Hegdal and Martin Küchen are impressive saxophonists, who have wide,authentic, unique and original playing style. They like to get on rare combos, exotic tunes, eclectic stylistic pairs and fascinating sound’s experiments. The traditions of avant-garde jazz, innovative tendencies of contemporary experimental jazz are mixed up to circus music, ethnic tunes of Scandinavian countries music, various dances, modern and contemporary jazz intonations, cool, ambient, experimental music, fusion or even some soft sounds of rock styles. This huge stylistic variety is especially detected in Martin Kuchen music. Eirik Hegdal joins together free improvisation, Scandinavian avant-garde jazz and the melodic intonations of Scandinavian traditional music. Both saxophonists make an effort to original, bright and expressive sound. Their improvisations have driving, touching and thrilling. Magnus Broo trumpet and trombone of Mats Äleklint keep solid, deep and sharp sound. Trumpet is driving, extremely loud, aggressive and sharp. Hot growls, passionate solos, dizzy passages, trembling, fascinating and tremendous riffs, perturbating series and hypnotising rhythms make an effective and impressive sound. It’s gently fit together with flying, moving, passionate, luminous and roaring saxophones. Trombone keeps the bass line together with double bass played by Johan Berthling. Deep, luminous or solemn solos who sometimes get aggressive, sharp, frantic, growling or cracking, are filled with original expressions and authentic ways of playing. Double bass is keeping the bass line, illustrates the melody line and rhythmic section. Ambient tunes, deep solos, lyrical contemplations, tremendous culminations, strange timbres contain the improvisations of double bass. Cornet melodies gently fit together with trumpet. Goran Kajfes has driving, open, thrilling, light and just amazing playing style. He’s willing to create original, exceptional and energetic sound. His improvisations always are full of vigilanmte bursts, hot spills, aggressive growls, moving trills and emotional riffs. Perturbating series, flowing melodies, light, vivacious, passionate and expressive solos, gorgeous and tiny ornaments, all kinds of textures, wide range of rhythms, repetitive rhythms, furious, sharp and aggressive chord’s sequences – Alexander Zethson’s piano is the source of nergy, drive, creativity and wild sound experiments. Drums by Andreas Werliin and vibraphones by Mattias Ståhl contain the rhythmic section. It’s – moving, contrasting, filled with authentic, ethnic and passionate compounds, bright contrasts and bursting spills of energy. All kinds of rhythms are used here – nervous, complicated and expressive rhythms go down to silent, soft and lyrical pauses, rush on trembling and roaring culminations or grow on drmatic, aggressive, frantic, wild and driving sessions and free improvisations. Soft and gorgeous tunes of vibraphones effect colorful and modern musical pattern. The music of this album is another one great opportunity to hear amazing, fascinating and driving improvisations by this impressive ensemble.

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