Phicus + Martin Küchen – “Sumpflegende” (Fundacja Sluchaj, 2019)

“Sumpflegende” is out now on “Fundacja Sluchaj” label. Album was recorded by trio “Phicus” – it’s Ferran Fages (electric guitar), Àlex Reviriego (double-bass), Vasco Trilla (drums) and featured guest Martin Küchen (tenor and alto saxophones). “Phicus” is creating original, bright and extravagant music. It’s full of bright ideas, modern conceptions, fascinating experiments, eclectic and interesting stylistic allusions and the newest innovations of avant-garde jazz. Martin Kuchen is talented avant-garde jazz musician. He’s also creative, expressive and original improviser. The synthesis of Scandinavian and European avant-garde jazz mixed up together with American avant-garde jazz, modern jazz styles and various elements of other music genres makes an effort to hypnotising, effective, expressive and driving sound. “Phicus” music is totally based on avant-garde jazz. The musicians are integrating their own ideas, original ways of playing, some ethnic elements of traditional Spanish or Italian music, modern jazz styles and some intonations of contemporary academical music. The music of the quartet is driving, passionate and bright.

“Sumpflegende” is real burst of energy and drive. The music is filled with passion, drive, love and vigilante bursts of energy. All musicians gently fit together – they’re getting on brave adventures, fascinating musical experiments, extraction of strange timbres or extended playing techniques. The compositions of this album are somewhere between avant-garde jazz, collective free improvisation, experimental jazz and soft tunes of contemporary academical and experimental music. Musicians are willing to create new and awakening sound – that’s why their music is based on wide stylistic variety, eclectic fusions, rare pairs, exotic tunes, modern, extravagant and innovative instrumental section and rich musical language. Avant-garde jazz and free improvisation contain the base of the music. These styles are mixed up together with bebop, post bop, hard bop, fusion, mainstream, contemporary jazz, experimental music, academic avant-garde, some kinds of dances, circus music and other styles. All three streams of avant-garde jazz meet here – European, Scandinavian and American avant-garde jazz. Musicians are demonstrating wide musical knownledge, the best quality of sound, masterful and sparkling playing technique and original point of view. All that makes an effort to enchanting musical pattern, who’s multi-layed, colorful, polyphonic, filled with all kinds of rhythms, textures and chords, ornaments, modern expressions, strange timbres and gorgeous tunes. The melody line is independent and solid. It’s based on saxophones and electric guitar who are accompagnied by double bass. Martin Kuchen’s saxophones melodies are expressive and trendy. Hot sparkles, expressive splishes, moving and trembling solos, light and flowing passages, gorgeous textures who meet repetitive series of rhythms, minimalistic excerpts, roaring blow outs, special effects, deep and stable tunes… That’s just a little part of wide range of styles and ways of playing, who are used here to make driving, inspiring, wild and hypnotising sound. Saxophones give the main tune to whole album and note to melody line. Electric guitar by Ferran Fages is full of original tunes, eclectic fusions, specific or rare instrumental pairs. Powerful, heavy and tremendous riffs are more related to some rock styles or fusion. It’s contrasting with passionate melodies, flowing passages, spontaneous solos, souns experiments, ambient tunes, strange timbres and any other elements. The electric guitar is the source of new, original and colorful sound. Double bass by Ferran Fages keeps stable bass line and gets on dynamic, perturbating, struggling, stitching, heavy, moving, passionate and simply impressive culminations. The drums section is bright and simply fantastic – it’s leaded by Vasco Trilla. The drummer joins together nervous bebop, aggressive hard bop, extravagant and modern post bop, neo bop, some typical rhythmic figures of contemporary and mainstream jazz, as well as free, wild and moving improvisations or sound experiments. The music of this album has incredible and effective instrumentation, wide range of styles and expressions and original sound.

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