Baczkowski/Lopez/Corsano ‎– “Old Smoke” (Relative Pitch, 2019)

“Old Smoke” is out now on “Relative Pitch Records”. Three great jazz masters had recorded this album – it’s Brandon Lopez (contrabass), Chris Corsano (drums) and Steve Baczkowski (saxophone). These musicians have their own style and unique sound. Expression, fantasy, creativity and wild imagination are joined together in their music. These elements go along with spontaneous solos, busting thrills, hot spills, intensive blasts of energy, conceptual ideas, innovative point of view and original decisions. Surprises mixed up with impression and spontanity make a great combo – that makes an effort to inspiring, dynamic and moving sound. The music is based on free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. The roots of 1960’s and 1970’s avant-garde jazz are connected to the newest tendencies and innovations of experimental jazz, sound experiments, special effects and other similar things. All these elements gently joined together makes inspiring, evocative and expressive sound.

“Old Smoke” is based on original ideas and inventive musical decisions. Evocative ideas, strange, crazy, wild or innovative ways of playing mixed up to one place with traditional playing techniques form marvelous and evocative instrumental section. Here innovations, experiments and traditions go along together. The music is unpredictable and dynamic – there’s no possibility to predict where it will going to turn next minute. Bright, scandalous, furious, passionate, moving, vivacious, gorgeous, beautiful, tiny and gentle, fragile, soft, sad, solemn, subtle or peaceful as a lullaby – that’s just one little part of each composition. Musicians are using their wide musical knownledge, invention, creativity and imagination to create effective and exceptional sound. Rich and colorful musical language effects multi-layed, illustrative and gorgeous musical pattern. Dynamic and expressive melodies, vigilante storms of sounds, strange timbres, illustrative ornaments, abbreviations, dizzy passages, sharp and dramatic chords, all kinds of rhythms and modern expressions are mixed up with wide stylistic variety. All music is based on free improvisation and avant-garde jazz, but it’s also influenced by bebop, post bop, hard bop, fusion and other similar intonations of modern jazz styles. The musicians have a possibility to express themselves without any frames or strict rules. That’s the reason why this album is full of crazy ideas, wild and perturbating culminations, adventurous and stunning experiments, strange and weird tunes, gorgeous timbres and unconventional musical decisions. Musicians don’t forget the basics and roots of avant-garde jazz, but they are making new and modern conception of it. An organic fusion of conventions and innovative ideas is the fundament of each composition. Independent and solid melody line and perturbating, active and enchanting rhythmic section are contrasting with each other and illustrated by inspiring and gorgeous background. The melody line is kept by saxophone. Steve Baczkowsky is improvising with pleasure and drive. His music is full of virageous turns, dynamic changes, huge palette of sounds, tiny abbreviations, hollowing blow outs, sharp and aggressive riffs, perturbating and wild culminations who meet soft, peaceful and gorgeous pauses or lyrical contemplations. Contrabass has a double function. Its deep, dark and heavy tunes make a perfect bass line – it’s the fundament of harmonic pattern and rhythmic section. These tunes grow out to passionate, moving, vibrant and powerful solos who bring new colors and tunes to the melody. Brandon Lopez makes a fantastic combo of huge range of emotions, characters, tunes and expression. Chris Corsano drums section is simply marvelous and impressive. Sharp bebop, nervous and scandalous hard bop, modern post bop, extravagant and wild free improvisations, perturbating and breaking sessions, repetitive minimalistic series, stable beats, lonely and slow tunes who are joined with colorful percussion, trembling, lovely, vibrant, frantic or exclusive excerpts contain the main part of drums section. Musicians manage to make innovative and expressive compositions – it’s driving, bright and impressive.

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