Brand / Marsh / Pursglove / Fell – “Harmonic 2011” (Bruce’s Fingers, 2019)

“Harmonic 2011” is out now on “Bruce’s Fingers” label. Album was recorded by Percy Pursglove (trumpet), Sarah Gail Brand (trombone), Simon H. Fell (double bass) and Tony Marsh (drums). This album is exceptional opportunity to hear these four great jazz stars playing together as a quartet – the compositions were recorded on 1st October, 2011. After six months Tony Marsh had died. The music of quartet is innovative, expressive and moving. It’s the place where traditions and innovations are joined together. Special effects, sound experiments, innovative playing techniques, modern expressions, extravagant decisions are connected to roots of avant-garde jazz and the main principes of it. All music is based on avant-garde jazz and free improvisation. The intonations of bebop, post bop, hard bop, mainstream and other modern jazz styles also are heard. Improvisers are full of original ideas and balancing between dozens of different moods. They find suitable and inventive way to create adventurous and expressive sound.

“Harmonic 2011”  has expressive and passionate sound. The music is based on moving, thrilling and tremendous solos. Avant-garde jazz, spontaneous solos and attractive free improvisations are the main compounds of the compositions. These styles are combined together with bebop, post bop and some elements of other jazz styles. All album mostly is based on American avant-garde jazz, the roots of 1960’s and the newest innovations. Musicians have their own and original style, inspiring and unique sound, attractive and interesting playing manner and impressive instrumentation. Universal kit is used here – traditional playing techniques go along with sound experiments, crazy, driving, exotic, rare, specific and original ways of playing. It’s mixed in one place and makes an effort to exceptional and moving sound. All kinds of rhythms, sounds, tunes and chords are used here. Afroamerican music rhythms are mixed up with nervous, explosing, aggressive, dynamic and passionate rhythmic sessions of avant-garde and modern jazz. Sharp disonances contain the main part of the music section. It makes dramatic and thrilling mood. Huge amount of modern, colorful and dynamic expressions are connected to gorgeous ornaments, original timbres and attractive melodies. All these elements form multi-layed, colorful, dynamic, impressive and fabulous musical pattern. The melody line is based on trumpet and trombone. These two instruments make a great and powerful pair. Trumpet by Percy Pursglove is full of bursting thrills, powerful spills, explosing and wild culminations, moving, bright and vivid melodies, dizzy and enchanting passages, angry and furious growls, frenzy scandals, frantic storms of sounds, strange timbres or lyrical pauses. Sarah Gail Brand keeps deep and solid bass section of the melody – her trombone is heavy, solid, deep and calm for the most of the time. Solemn and deep melody is accompagnied by expressive melodies, strange timbres, special effects, powerful blow outs, tremendous and blowing riffs or gorgeous ornaments. Both musicians make a fabulous, radical, powerful and vigilante melody line filled with drive and expression. Bass and drums keep the rhythmic section. Simon H. Fell keeps tight and solid bass line who turns out to flying, moving, trembling, vivacious or passionate culminations. Tony Marsh is playing just impressive – his drums section is real burst of energy and passion. Moving thrills, roaring rolls, powerful culminations, radical ideas, breaking and frantic sessions, furious bursts of energy meet solemn, authentic, natural, warm, gentle, subtle, honest or light and deep excerpts. All four musicians are making fantastic improvisations – their music is full of drive, passion, contrasts and inventive musical decisions.

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