Daniel Rosenboom, Jake Vossler & Tina Raymond – “Trio Subliminal” (Orenda Records, 2019)

“Trio Subliminal” is out now on “Orenda Records”. Album was recorded by Daniel Rosenboom (C Cornet & Bb Trumpet), Jake Vossler (Strat & Baritone Guitars) and Tina Raymond (Drums). The musicians are connecting the traditions of huge range of styles. Free improvisation, the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz, rock styles, experimental music and electronics are in one place. Improvisers have wide musical knownledge, marvelous playing technique and unique sound. Their improvisations contain rare combos, exotic sounds, eclectic combos, contrasting conceptions and rich musical language. Dozens of different compounds are used here – spontaneous free improvisation meet with arranged and evocative experimental music or heavy, breaking and strict rock styles. The musicians are active members of avant-garde jazz scene – they’re playing and collaborating with other improvisers and musicians. Innovations and traditions are fused together in their music – they don’t follow the conventional rules, but like to find their own way of improvising by mixing up together traditional, experimental and innovative ideas and conceptions.

“Trio Subliminal” is full of extravagant,  dynamic and expressive compositions. Three musicians have their own techniques, individual ways of playing and improvising and inspiring style. All the compositions have difficult pattern, rich musical language and are based on synthesized forms. Huge stylistic variety is detected – these compositions are an organic fusion of avant-garde jazz, free improvisations, innovative experimental jazz, moving, nervous and expressive bebop, aggressive and angry hard bop, similar modern jazz styles, rock and avant-rock, as well as the intonations of experimental and contemporary academical music and academic avant-garde. Wide kit of instrumentation techniques are used – authentic, organic, specific and experimental ways of playing contain the main part of section. It’s mixed up with traditions – very well-known playing techniques of classical music, modern and extended ways of playing are gently combined together with sound experiments, original ideas and special effects. The music is evocative, moving and dynamic – it’s always somewhere radical, heavy and strict rock, powerful and trendy riffs of avant-rock, spontaneous and impressive free improvisation or already arranged compositions related to contemporary academical music. Afroamerican, European, American music rhythms are mixed up with traditional rhythmic series of various jazz styles. Huge rhythmic and harmonic variety effects whole musical pattern and background – it makes it colorful, moving, live, passionate and enchanting. The musical pattern is based on solid melody line, independent and moving rhythmic section, modern harmony and illustrative background. Trumpet, cornet and guitars contain the basic of melody. The melody is changing all the time – hot sparkles, furious growls, expressive and jumping melodies of trumpet and cornet are filled with joy, expression and drive. Enchanting and flying passages, repetitive series, powerful blasts, sharp sequences of chords, moving melodies, bright and tremendous blow outs, impressive riffs – it’s just one little part of compounds who contain the main part of these fantastic improvisations played by Daniel Rosenboom. Strat and bass guitars keep heavy, strict and intensive bass line and bring new colors to the melody. Jake Vossler is fusing together heavy, depressive and slow solos, expressive, energetic and vivid melodies, powerful, tremendous and fabulous blasts, deep bass tunes, monotonic sequences and many other things to one place. It makes an effort to original and expressive melody line. Guitars, cornet and trumpet make a great combo together. Both improvisers are getting on driving adventures, moving culminations, vigilante bursts of energy or contemplative, silent and subtle searches of new ways of playing. Drums section is simply marvelous. It’s kept by Tina Raymond. Improviser manages to connect all kinds of rhythms, expressions, tunes and sounds. Expressive and vivid bebop, aggressive and nervous hard bop, moving free improvisations, leading and driving culminations, breaking sessions, stable beats, fabulous tremolos, light and colorful passages gently fit together with melody line and contain bright and independent rhythmic section. The music is expressive, driving and bright.

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