Martin Archer – “Another Fantastic Individual” (Discus Music, 2019)

“Another Fantastic Individual” is out now on “Discus Music”. All the compositions were recorded by only one performer – it’s Martin Archer (baritone, tenor, alto & sopranino saxophones, saxello, bass clarinet, flute, recorder, melodica, acoustic and sampled percussion, software instruments, electronics and keyboards. Martin Archer is saxophonist, performer and composer. His music is a fusion of avant-garde and experimental jazz, free improvisation, mainstream, contemporary and modern jazz. All these styles make a great combo with experimental music, electronics, electro-acoustic music, contemporary academical music and academic avant-garde. The musician is combining various ideas and conceptions – his music is filled with synthetic forms, old traditions, very well-known or specific and experimental ways of playing, moving culminations, the fundaments of academical music, modernism or expressionism who joined to roots of avant-garde jazz and other similar styles.

“Another Fantastic Individual” is filled with various themes, actions and fusions of styles. Improviser manages to make a great combo of avant-garde jazz and contemporary academical music. He switches without any effort from the one mood to another. Composing and improvising, experimenting and arranging, exploring and using of classical fundamentals – the compositions are based on synthesis between traditional, fundamental and experimental ideas. Avant-garde jazz, experimental music, free improvisation, electronics, electro-acoustics, modern and contemporary jazz styles, some allusions to mainstream jazz, fusion, bebop, post bop, minimalism and contemporary academical music – all these styles are fused together and contain great and universal musical pattern. The music is engaging and contrasting. Gentle and subtle solos meet melodic and lyrical contemplations, bright explosions, expansion of technical abilities, special effects, moving and wild free improvisations, minimalistic and repetitive series and many other elements. Acoustics and electronics gently fit together – composer shows the difference between these two groups of instruments. Synthetic tunes are against warm, natural and bright acoustics. Loops, special effects, computer’s sounds, electronic devices, glitch, drone, ambient, sonic system, strange tunes, weird timbres, original and experimental ways of playing – that’s just a little part of electronics. The electronics contain moving and gorgeous background. The acoustics keep the base of music. Solid, bright and independent melody line, harmonic and rhythmic patterns are created and kept by saxophones, saxello, melodica, flute, bass clarinet, recorder and keyboards. Vivid and fluent melodies of saxophones are filled with hot splashes, bright sparkles, dizzy passages, strange timbres, wild and frantic culminations, roaring riffs or contemplative and lyrical pauses, minimalistic pieces or hypnotising excerpts. The bass clarinet keep the bass line of the compositions – it’s filled with deep and slow or mid-slow solos, moving and bright explosions, energetic and sharp excerpts and tight and solid bass line. The sounds of keyboards are full of different moods and expressions – from lyrical and dreamy mood it goes straight to evocative and expressive sound, experimental innovations of contemporary academical music, sharp and perturbating sequences, breaking sessions who are accompagnied by sampled and acoustic percussion. Composer demonstrates his musical knownledge, wide stylistic variety, original style and bright musical language. The instrumentation is based on universal kit – the traditions and experiments meet here. Experimental, specific and  innovative ways of playing are connected to traditional fundamentals of electronics and contemporary academical music. The percussion’s section is interesting and bright – that’s the place there meets original ideas, weird timbres and all kinds of rhythms. The music of this album is bright and inspiring – it has fresh, touching and original sound.

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