Peter Evans/Sam Pluta – “Two Live Sets” (Carrier Records, 2019)

“Two Live Sets” is out now on “Carrier Records”. Album was recorded by Sam Pluta (electronics) and Peter Evans (trumpet). Both musicians are famous improvisers. Unique sound, contemporary and traditional ideas, the newest innovations and rich musical language are the main compounds of their music. The improvisers are active members of avant-garde jazz scene – they’re playing and collaborating with other famous jazz masters. Their music is a synthesis of traditions and innovations. Contemporary academical music meets free and spontaneous improvisation, evocative and rational sound – wild, thrilling, driving and expressive solos. Authentic tunes are crossing the synthetics, natural ones are joined together with special effects, electronics, weird sounds and timbres. The music is always filled with brightness and passion – the musicians have inspiring and evocative style. Brave and innovative decisions, original experiments, fascinating solos and other elements make an effort to bright, moving and incredible sound.

“Two Live Sets” is a great collaboration of duo. Both musicians had been improvising together more than 10 years – they make a fantastic combo with each other. Difficult, many-layed, poly-stylistic and colorful musical pattern is filled with dozens of textures, patterns, sounds, tunes and expressions. Dozens of different styles are joined together here – avant-garde and experimental jazz, free improvisation, some tunes of modern and contemporary jazz, as well as contemporary academical and experimental music and academic avant-garde. This huge range of styles is used – that makes effective, inspiring and original sound. The musicians are passing throught different moods – they pay attention to expression of moods and the creation of exceptional and expressive instrumentation. The instrumental section is made by using wide kit of techniques – these, who are very well-known, are mixed up together with radical, shocking, provocative, experimental and impressive ways of playing. The music is bright and dynamic – it’s changing all the time. Swirling and soft, gentle and light, passionate, blowing, frustrated and depressive, dark, deep, perturbating, heavy or driving, crazy and thrilling – all kinds of moods and motions are expressed here. The musical pattern has enchanting and modern musical language – vibrant melodies, tremendous solos, extraordinary or experimental ways of playing, strange tunes, all kinds of rhythms and chords are the main compounds of it. The melodic line is gently kept by trumpet. It’s moving, bright and perturbating. Peter Evans is real master of his art. He manages to fuse together wide range of different techniques and motions. Wild thrills, sharp stitches, independent, moving and passionate melodies twisted with driving solos, solemn excerpts, silent pauses, dizzy passages, burning and angry growls, perturbating and dramatic culminations and other similar elements. Improviser is playing with expression, drive and passion – his playing technique is marvelous. Peter Evans manages to fuse together the tune related to ambient or groove to vigilantes, wild, tremendous and driving culminations. Electronics by Sam Pluta are filled with the newest innovations and modern decisions. Just like Peter Evans, Sam Pluta also is a great, creative and impressive improviser. Drone, glitch, ambient, groove meet computer sounds, electronic devices, synths, sound’s machine, sonic system’s experiments and other sounds. Two musicians together create rich and exceptional sound, where electronics and acoustics meets. All album compositions have trendy and original sound.

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