Ratchet Orchestra – “Coco Swirl” (Ambiances Magnetiques, 2019)

“Coco Swirl” is out now on “Ambiances Magnetiques”. The “Ratchet Orchestra” had recorded all the music. The orchestra is formed from great and famous musicians of avant-garde jazz and contemporary academical music scene – here together plays Lori Freedman (clarinets), Jean Derome (flutes, baritone saxophone), Yves Charuest (alto saxophone), Aaron Leaney (tenor saxophone), Jason Sharp (bass saxophone), Ellwood Epps (trumpet), Craig Pedersen (trumpet), Scott Thomson (trombone), Jacques Gravel (contrabass trombone), Julie Richard (tuba), Joshua Zubot (violin), James Annett (viola), Jean René (viola), Guillaume Dostaler (piano), Ken Doolittle (percussion), Isaiah Ceccarelli (drum set) and Nicolas Caloia (double bass, conductor). The compositions by Nicolas Caloia are performed here. The “Ratchet Orchestra” is famous for extraordinary and innovative interpretations, bright and expressive style, unique sound and enchanting musical language. Musicians are fusing together dozens of styles, expressions and sounds – they get a fantastic result.

“Coco Swirl” is filled with original and bright ideas. The music is filled with concepts and modern ideas. Each musician has its own way of improvising and playing – all of them are marvelous improvisers. The music is always somewhere between arranged composition and improvising. Solid, evocative and academical pieces gently fit together with sparkling, furious, bright, expressive or moving free improvisations. Vivid, many-layed, wide and colorful musical pattern is created. It contains dozens of expressions, styles, timbres, sounds and other elements. The wide variety of styles is created – the compositions are an organic place to mix up together absolutely different music styles. Contemporary academical music, the ideas of modernism and post-modernism, electronics and experimental music, academic avant-garde are mixed up with free improvisation, experimental and avant-garde jazz, the streams of Canadian, American and European jazz. The soft intonations of bebop, post bop, hard bop and other modern jazz styles also are heard in the compositions. This huge variety of styles, rhythms and sounds makes colorful, enchanting and bright sound. The music is moving and vivid. Melody line is kept by saxophones, clarinets, flutes and trumpets. All kinds of reeds create marvelous melody line. Soft and whistling flutes have romantic, tight and calm mood who sometimes burst on furious, dramatic or passionate culminations. Vivid and expressive saxophones are full of impressive blow outs, tremendous culminations, passionate, moving and trembling excerpts, incredible riffs, strange timbres and special effects. Flowing, light and expressive melodies by clarinets are filled with energy and drive. The melodies are contrasting with deep, dark and solemn tunes of bass line. Vigilante, thrilling and growling trumpets certainly bring the energy and drive to the compositions. Stitching, sharp, aggressive, thrilling, furious, roaring and wild improvisations are accompagnied by fabulous ornaments, gorgeous textures, dizzy passages, weird timbres and special effects. Woodwinds and trumpets make a great combo – all kinds of colors, textures and sounds are mixed up to one place and make solid and independent melody line. Breaking sessions, enchanting solos, wild fast and furious culminations, sharp and vigilante sequences of chords – these elements are the main compounds of piano music. Piano gently fit together with all kinds of instruments – it’s the source of life, joy and inventive musical decisions. The strings bring in the compositions the academical sound. Sharp and dramatic culminations,shrieky tunes, stitching and aggressive sounds who are contrasting with soft pizzicatto, deep solos, calm and lyrical contemplations and other elements. The sounds of trombones and tuba keep deep, tight and solid bass line along with double bass. Musicians also don’t hesitate to get on research of strange timbres and weird sounds. Drums and percussion contain great rhythmic section. Modern, extravagant and passionate rhythmic sessions meet minimalistic, repetitive and ascetic series, breaking and wild improvisations and typical rhythmic forms of various jazz styles. There’s no line between academic avant-garde and avant-garde jazz – musicians fuse these styles together in organic and natural way. They manage to make a fantastic interpretations of Nicolas Caloia music. Nicolas Caloia demonstrates his own, driving and unique composing style – here meets innovative ideas, expressive decisions, driving solos, solemn, deep and evocative academical music, sound experiments, the newest tendencies of modernism, incredible and universal instrumentation, composing and improvising and the roots of avant-garde jazz. The music has inspiring, vivid and bright sound.


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