Boneshaker – “Fake Music” (Soul What Records, 2019)

“Fake Music” is out now on “Soul What Records”. It’s very exciting and great opportunity to hear out once more three great jazz masters – Mars Williams (reeds, toy instruments), Paal Nilssen-Love (drums & percussion) and Kent Kessler (bass). All three avant-garde jazz stars are playing together on the compositions of this album. There’s no need to introduce them – all three improvisers are already famous on international avant-garde jazz scene. Their music is based on wide stylistic variety, but the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz make the base of compositions. It’s mixed up together with dozens of other styles – free improvisation, experimental jazz, European, American, Chicago, New York and other streams of contemporary avant-garde jazz, as well as bebop, hard bop, fusion, hard bop, cool, mainstream, contemporary and other styles of modern jazz. These elements aren’t used as a pur element – they’re gently fused together to the free improvisation. Sound experiments, inventive, rare and exotic decisions, original ways of playing, enchanting musical language and driving melodies are the main compounds who turn these compositions to real masterpieces.

“Fake Music” has independent, deep and expressive melody line, who’s made by connecting together several melodies. The rhythmic section also is bright and dynamic – it’s highly contrasting to melody. Both sections are joined together in gentle and natural way and make effective and original sound. Gorgeous background is created by using wide range of sounds, timbres, unusual decisions and colorful textures and ornaments. All music is based on free improvisation and the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz. It’s also related to some tunes of modern and contemporary jazz, as well as contemporary academical music, avant-garde and experimental music. Wide and universal instrumental kit is used. It’s made from expressive, innovative and experimental ways of playing who go along very fine with classical playing techniques, strange tunes, rare, exotic, unusual or specific methods, created by musicians. The instrumentation is colorful and bright filled with effective decisions, unique sound, hot splashes, pleasant surprises and other elements. The melody line is a burst of energy and drive. Reeds and toy instruments make a great combo with bass, drums and percussion. All three improvisers are doing their best – they’re showing their own and unique sound, which is created by using specific and authentic elements, who are related only to these musicians. Energy, drive, joy, passion and impressive playing technique accompagnie each musician. Mars Williams is creating a real mosaic of wide range of tunes, sounds, playing techniques and emotions. Thrilling, vibrant and expressive melodies, powerful and radiante spills of energy, roaring and tremendous blow outs, moving, trembling and vivid solos, silent pauses, lyrical contemplations who go straightly to wild, stitching, aggressive and furious culminations accompagnied by dizzy passages and flowing ornaments. All these elements make the main part of Mars Williams melodies. The improviser bases his style on roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz and its main principes and fuses them with his own, unique and original ways of playing. Reeds improvisations bring real powerful and tremendous blast of energy to the compositions and gives the main tune and mood. Rhythmic section is made by deep, subtle and silent bass line and dynamic, powerful and expressive drums section. Deep, heavy and tight tunes of bass can turn out to vivid, glamorous, light and passionate culminations or dive in to depressed, ambient, minimalistic, lyrical, solemn and contemplative pieces. It brings original sound and shows the other side of album – it’s more lyrical, calm and dynamic. The drums section is made by all kinds of percussion and classical drum kit. All kinds of rhythms are used here – roaring thunders meet lonely and heavy beats, stable and slow rhythms or grow out to expressive, rapid, vivid, light, luminous, tremendous or perturbating bursts of energy. The rhythmic section is as much energetic and driving as melodic – all these elements are gently joined together. Three musicians are getting along just fine – they’re listening to each other and manage to turn their music to impressive, flowing, incredible and wild improvisations. The album has expressive and bright sound.

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