Frode Gjerstad, Dag Magnus Narvesen ‎– “Live At Tou” (FMR, 2019)

Live At Tou (CD, Album) album cover

“Live At Tou” is new release of “FMR Records” label. Album was recorded by Frode Gjerstad (Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Alto Flute, Clarinet) and Dag Magnus Narvesen (drums, percussion). Both musicians are famous and active members of avant-garde jazz scene. Collaborations, projects, concerts, tours and performances with various jazz masters are their main activities. The musicians have impressive style, expressive and hot playing manner, bright and passionate sound and wide musical knownledge. They always manage to find the balance between free improvisation and arranged-compositions, abstract and wild pieces or subtle and silent excerpts. All kinds of motions, characters and expressions are used here to make unique and bright sound. Musicians already have their own style of improvising – they base their music on roots of avant-garde jazz, the newest innovations of experimental jazz, and some tunes of modern jazz, experimental music and academic avant-garde.

“Live At Tou” is filled with original ideas and inventive decisions. Dynamic, expressive and moody compositions are filled with innovations, sound experiments and expressive musical language. Musicians are using huge range of styles and motions. Their music is bright and constantly changing – they never stay on one mood too long. One mood is changing the other – that makes bright contrast between them. Solid melody line is created by reeds player Frode Gjerstad. Dynamic, explosing and expressive drums section is contrasting with melody line – these two sections are gently joined together. Enchanting and bright musical pattern is created. Solid and colorful melody, dynamic rhythmic, bordering dynamics, immense range of tempos, sounds, colors and tunes, modern harmony and gorgeous textures contain the main base of musical pattern. The instrumentation is universal – it’s based on wide kit of experimental ways of playing, extended, expressive, original or classical playing techniques, the sounds of objects, strange tunes and other special effects. Melody line is kept by saxophones and clarinets. It’s moving, bright and dynamic. The melody is filled with gorgeous virages, sudden and colorful twists, charming stylistic waves and inventive decisions. Roaring blow outs, perturbating and explosing blasts, powerful and tremendous riffs who meet expressive, enchanting, thrilling and bright melodies. Silent tunes, subtle and abstract pieces, lyrical pauses also find its suitable place together with wild free and turbulent improvisations. The melody is totally based on avant-garde jazz, but still has an influenze of bebop, hard bop and other modern jazz styles. Dizzy passages meet the flowing and enchanting solos, colorful and driving melodies, breaking sessions, sharp, furious and aggressive culminations or simply gorgeous, light, humorous or tight episodes. Drums section by Dag Magnus Narvessen is dynamic and moving. All types of rhythms and expressions are used. Roaring thunders, trembling trills, vivid tremolo, furious and sarcastic spills, outrageous pauses, lyrical and silent pieces, breaking sessions, repetitive and perturbating series or any other elements, who contrastingly and gently fit together. Both musicians are improvising just marvelous – their collective improvisations are the most effective and tremendous episodes. Free improvisation is made on open form – musicians find the best and suitable way to express themselfs. They get on brave adventures, bright and passionate improvisations, flowing and dramatic culminations, furious, stitching and aggressive storms of sounds and tunes or totally wild improvisations. All that makes an effort to bright, expressive and original sound.


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