Satoko Fuji – “Stone” (Libra, 2019)

Fujii, Satoko: Stone (Libra)

“Stone” is out now on “Libra” label. The compositions were recorded by improviser, composer and pianist Satoko Fuji. Talented pianist is one of the most famous Japan imrpovisational music improviser – her improvisations are evocative, awakening and inspiring. Pianist is famous and active member of international avant-garde jazz scene – the collaborations with other famous jazz masters and improvisers is her main activity. Satoko Fuji has her own improvising and playing style – it’s an eclectic and surprising fusion of different music styles, manners, sounds and experiments. Avant-garde and experimental jazz meet bebop, post bop, European and American avant-garde jazz streams, mainstream and contemporary jazz. Two different world cultures are connected together – Western Europe music, contemporary academical music, modernism and post-modernism are connected to traditional Japan music, its ethnic and authentic tunes, sounds, melodic intonations, rhythms and harmony. Fundamental harmony, who is related to Western Europe music is fused together with atonal harmony and classical chords of Asian and Japan music. This huge fusion is made organically and subtly – there’s no force or pressure. Everything is mixed in one place by using smart, innovative, bright and natural ways of playing. That makes an effort to exceptional sound.

“Stone” is filled with original ideas and bright tunes. The compositions for solo piano are really different from each other. One is silent and calm, the other – scandalous and explosing, filled with wild and hot blasts of energy. There are some compositions who are more related to electronics – it has ambient, drone, computer sounds and other elements mixed up all together to one place. Pianist demonstrates her wide musical knownledge – huge range of playing manners, extended techniques, instrumental techniques and expressions is used here. The music is full of original, moving and powerful blasts, gorgeous ornaments, strange timbres, weird tunes, stunning experiments and passionate melodies. Each composition shows another side of Satoko Fuji’s playing and composing style. Her playing manner is inspiring, suggestive and emotional. Pianist pays much attention to expression of different moods. Furious and angry, aggressive, sharp and wild, stitching, passionate, moving, vibrant, naive, childish, playful or solemn, abandonned, eclectic and depressive – all kinds of emotions and characters are used here. Avant-garde, modern, contemporary and experimental jazz styles are mixed up to one place. The newest tendencies of academic avant-garde, contemporary academical and experimental music, Western Europe and Asian cultures and Japan music intonations are frequently used here. Precise and impressive playing technique, modern and colorful instrumentation, rich musical language, gorgeous textures and ornaments, nice background, bordering dynamics and multi-layed pattern are the main elements of each composition. Subtle, calm and lyrical tunes turn out to depressive and rough ambient, synthetic tunes, glitch, strange timbres, computer sound and sonic system’s experiments. When it gets solemn, light and deep or – authentic, exotic and natural. Repetitive series of chords or rhythms are suddenly changed by roaring and moving culminations, tremendous and flowing solos, inspiring, awakening and wild melodies, dizzy passages, light and expressive roulades, authentic tunes of Japan music and marvelous free improvisations. Open form is the main form who’s used in every composition. All these elements, styles and expressions make an effort to bright, original and impressive sound. Instrumental section is effective and bright – experimental, innovative and traditional playing techniques are used together and accompagnied by computer’s and other electronic devices sounds, sonic system’s experiments, concrete, sonoristic and ambient music, glitch, drone and dozens of other very-well known electronics, special effects, authentic tunes, exotic pairs and traditional playing techniques of Japan improvisational and ethnic music. The music of this album is colorful and trendy – it has modern and expressive sound.

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