Samo Salamon & Freequestra – “Free Sessions, Vol. 2: Freequestra” (Klopotec Records, 2019)

“Free Sessions, Vol. 2: Freequestra” is new release out now on “Klopotec Records”. The composer and improviser Samo Solomon and big band “Freequestra” had recorded this album – it’s Matija Krečič (violin), Boštjan Simon (tenor saxophone, electronics), Achille Succi (bass clarinet, alto saxophone), Žiga Murko (trombone, electronics), Samo Šalamon (guitar, conductor), Domen Gnezda (guitar, electronics), Vitja Balžalorsky (guitar, electronics), Marko Črnčec (piano), Goran Krmac (tuba), Bojan Krhlanko (drums, electronics) and Jaka Berger (drums, electronics). “Freequestra” is already famous on international avant-garde jazz scenw. Interesting decisions, fresh ideas, eclectic combos, modern, experimental and innovative instrumentation and great improvisers make inspiring, bright and expressive sound. Samo Solomon is the central figure of American avant-garde jazz scene. His compositions are full of brave synthesis between modern, experimental and traditional jazz, free improvisation and allusions to contemporary academical music or any other styles. Huge range of expressions, spontaneous decisions, masterfully arranged compositions mixed up with free improvisation, colorful musical language, wide knownledge and driving style makes exceptional sound of his improvisations.

“Free Sessions, Vol. 2: Freequestra” compositions connect together different jazz styles and expressions. Colorful, modern and rich musical language is made by using wide range of stylistic ornaments, patterns, textures, expressions and instrumental decisions. Extravagant ideas, original point of view and the will to create extraordinary and bright sound makes musicians to experiment and to search new, original and provocative decisions. The musicians don’t follow the rules – the keep the basics of free improvisations, roots of avant-garde jazz and mix them up with tremendous, bright, luminous and modern ideas. Specific timbres, rare and exotic instrumental combos, strange timbres, special effects, experimental ways of playing, wild and crazy solos, spontaneous decisions, gentle and inspiring surprises, gorgeous stylistic waves and changes of moods are against traditional playing techniques and the basics various ways of improvising. All that includes rich, sparkling and colorful musical pattern. Samo Solomon demonstrates his exceptional playing and composing style. It’s universal, modern and expressive. Here traditions and conventions go along very well with sound experiments, unconventional ideas and innovations. The music includes wild free improvisations, the basics of avant-garde jazz, new tendencies of experimental jazz, joins together the streams of European, American and Scandinavian jazz. The main elements of bebop, post bop, hard bop, cool, mainstream, contemporary, fusion and other modern jazz styles are connected to swing, classical big band music and various traditional and early jazz styles. This huge variety of styles makes an effort to original and universal sound. There’s a huge palette of colors and sounds, who’s heard on all compositions. Sparkling and tremendous, bright and driving, shrieky and aggressive, growling and furious, scandalous, dramatic, expressive or lyrical, romantic, sweet and simple – all kinds of moods, motions and characters are changing each other silmunateously. That makes inspiring, gorgeous and bright sound. The tunes of experimental music, electronics, academic avant-garde and even contemporary academical music also is heard in some episodes – it shows composer’s wide knownledge, inventive and modern playing style, as well as bring academical, evocative and awakening sound to some episodes. The melodic section is kept by saxophone, clarinet, piano, guitars and violin. Vivid and expressive saxophones are contrasting with blasting and powerful trombones, trendy and modern guitars, moving and vibrant piano solos, deep and trembling bass clarinet’s tunes and other sounds. Vibrant and terrific riffs, hot growls, bursting spills, powerful blasts, deep and solid tunes, calm and repetitive bass line, shrieky and dramatic violin’s melodies, who are as well passionate, bright and modern – all kinds of different playing techniques, expressions and effects are used to create solid, marvelous and inspiring melody line. Sometimes it’s gentle and light, romantic, lyrical and sweet, when it’s suddenly gets angry, suspicious, aggressive, furious and filled with sharp stitches or burst in sparkling and impressive culminations. Dizzy and charming passages, gorgeous ornaments, swingy, dynamic, stable or any other kinds of rhythms, textures and special effects also makes an effort to evocative sound. Breaking sessions of sharp chords, hypnotising sequences, inspiring and extremely fast solos, vivid and free improvisations are the leading elements of each improvisation. Gorgeous background is made from colorful tunes, strange timbres, wonderful expressions and electronics. All types and kinds of electronics are used here – glitch, drone, ambient, computer sounds, strange timbres, synth tunes are just one little part of pattern. Drums section is bright and independent. Nervous and scandalous bebop, aggressive hard bop meets romantic swing, calm and stable traditional jazz, modern and dynamic mainstream or wild, spontaneous and free improvisations. The musicians masterfully connect all these elements to one place. The music of this album is impressive and emotional – it has expressive, wild, engaging and charming sound.

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