Grencsó Collective Special 5 with Ken Vandermark – “Do Not Slam The Door!” (BMC Records, 2019)

BMC CD 271 
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“Do Not Slam The Door!” is a new release of “BMC Records”. Album was recorded by István Grencsó (tenor & alto sax, clarinet, flute), Ken Vandermark (tenor sax, clarinet), Stevan Kovács Tickmayer (piano, electronics), Róbert Benkő (double bass (left channel)), Ernő Hock (double bass, bass guitar (right channel)) and Szilveszter Miklós (drums). An ensemble is famous for nice and valuable collaborations with famous avant-garde jazz masters, as well as original, passionate and innovative free improvisations. The music is full of evocative and fresh ideas, each musician has its own and modern point of view and is dedicated to create new and uncommon avant-garde jazz. The musicians of ensemble and Ken Vandermark get along just fine – their collective improvisations are based on spontaneous solos, hot thrills, powerful blasts, subtle and weird tunes, special effects and other elements. The music is based on avant-garde jazz, free improvisation, some tunes of modern jazz, electronics and contemporary academical music.

Different ideas, characters, motions and tunes are mixed up on the tracks of “Do Not Slam The Door!”. The album is based on free improvisation and the main elements of avant-garde and experimental jazz. Rich, enchanting, colorful and modern musical pattern consists of many layers, who are highly contrasting with each other. Evocative and bright musical language is constructed from modern expressions, innovative instrumentation, huge range tempos, timbres, special effects, sounds, textures, patterns and coloristics. This huge variety of musical language’s elements is used to create many-layed, evocative, fresh and interesting musical pattern and effective sound. The musicians are experimenting on various fields, especially on timbral, sounds, instrumental and other sections. They’re searching to new timbres, original sounds, inventive ideas, evocative and fresh special effects and weird tunes. Each improviser has its own conception and style –  it’s ambitious, brave, wild and animated. They choice experimental and specific playing techniques and mix them up with natural, synthetic or weird tunes, electronics, innovative or simply outrageous ways of playing. That finally makes an organic, innovative and impressive instrumentation. The melodic section is created by using various types of reeds, piano and bass guitar. Saxophones, clarinets, flutes and piano gently fit together with bass guitar. Vivid, growling, hot and expressive clarinets and saxophones are filled with drive, tremendous blow outs, powerful blasts of energy, weird timbres, research of new and original timbres, sharp harmony, aggressive and wild excerpts, impressive and dizzy passages, gorgeous ornaments and coloristics, Musicians are going from the one mood to another – dynamic is changed by stable and repetitive, solemn becomes vivid and sparkling, passionate and thrilling go straight down to calm, relaxing and silent mood. The piano keeps the harmonic pattern, as well as the main theme of the melody together with reeds. Perturbating sessions, breaking, sharp and aggressive sequences illustrate expressive, light, trendy, vivacious and thrilling melodies. Hot splashes, burning spills, sharp stitches, moving and driving solos and powerful culminations are the main elements of the melody. Bass guitar keeps the bass line. Various kinds of rhythms are used here – heavy and slow rhythmic figures make stable and solid bass line. Slow, contemplative and lyrical melodies are filled with deep tunes, driving solos, expressive and thrilling improvisations and other elements. Two double bass and drums make the base of rhythmic section. Solid bass line is constructed from deep and dark tunes. Ambient, depressive, solid or solemn tunes are turned on vivid, bright, perturbating, breaking, wild and dramatic melodies. The drums section is full of all kinds of rhythms. Modern and complicated rhythmic sessions of bebop meet free, spontaneous, vigilante and passionate improvisations, cool, stable and relaxing rhythms, breaking sessions, perturbating and hypnotising series, special effects and weird tunes. Roaring thunders, silent beats, extremely load rolls, crazy and wild solos, trembling and moving vibrato, animated and colorful glissando – all these elements are frequently used here to make original and exceptional sound. Natural tunes of acoustics are mixed up with soft and subtle usage of electronics. Synthetic and modified timbres, sonic sound’s, the tunes of computer devices, original and bright tunes, weird, evocative and light samples, sound machine’s records are used here with natural, expressive and colorful acoustics. The music is evocative, bright and impressive – it has driving and innovative sound.

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