Christian Lillinger’s Open Form For Society – “Open Form For Society” (Plaist, 2019)

“Open Form For Society” is out now on “Plaist” label. Petter Eldh (Bass, Electric Bass), Christian Lillinger (Drums, Concepts, Compositions), Robert Landfermann (Double Bass), Antonis Anissegos (Grand Piano), Roland Neffe (Marimba [Marimbaphone], Vibraphone, Glockenspiel), Elias Stemeseder (Synthesizer, Piano), Kaja Draksler (Upright Piano), Christopher Dell (Vibraphone) and Lucy Railton (Violoncello) had recorded this album. The music is totally based on avant-garde and experimental jazz. Electronics and acoustics make organic and authentic synthesis. The music is full of bright and inventive ideas, original and extended playing techniques, impressive sound’s experiments, research and extraction of weird timbres, expression of dozens of different moods and special effects. All musicians are famous and creative members of avant-garde jazz scene. Each of them has its own point of view, driving and adventurous style and expressive playing manner. Their creativity, wide musical knownledge, rich language, enchanting instrumentation and talent are the main reasons why these musicians are famous, productive and original improvisers.

“Open Form For Society” is filled with original and evocative decisions. Surprising, colorful and bright sound is created by using extended, specific and innovative ways of playing. Colorful and modern expressions, moving solos, gorgeous ornaments and tremendous spills of energy. All music is enchanting, dynamic and expressive – each musician is improvising on his own. Different characters, motions, expressions, timbres, experiments and original ideas are joined to one universal and organic musical pattern, The newest innovations, modern decisions and fresh ideas related to experimental jazz, are the base of these compositions. It’s joined to the main basics of avant-garde jazz, free improvisation and the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz. The traditions and main basics of various streams of European and American experimental jazz make a colorful and fne fusion. The musical language is filled with ornaments, all kinds of rhythms, textures, patterns, individual melodies and other elements. That makes an effort to effective and bright sound. The musicians take on adventurous, ambitious and passionate improvisations – it’s filled with drive, expression, joy, weird tunes, research of new, innovative or specific playing techniques, crazy ideas or free, frantic and tremendous solos. The melodic section is solid and expressive – the main melody line is kept by upright and grand piano, as well as cello. Tremendous solos, expressive, vivid, light and thrilling melodies, dramatic and frantic culminations, perturbating, aggressive, wild and passionate spills of energy, furious blasts, sharp and luminous sequences of chords, driving and breaking rhythmic sessions who are joined together with silent and lyrical excerpts, solemn pieces, subtle research of weird tunes, authentic and specific ways of playing, relaxing pauses and abstract free improvisations. The moods, motions and characters are gently twisted together to one pattern and illustrated with repetitive, dynamic or stable rhythms, ornaments, textures and coloristics. The pianos certainly keep the main melody and is the source of drive, passion and interesting tunes. Beautiful, melodic, gentle and remarkable tunes of cello show the other side of album – sometimes it’s ambient, solemn, serious, abandonned and calm, but it can turn out to furious, splashing, rigorous and simply impressive bursts of energy. The drums and percussion section is individual and strongly contrasting with melody. All kinds of rhythms are used on drums section. Furious, free and passionate improvisations meet nervous and expressive solos related to bebop, post bop or other modern jazz styles. Sometimes it’s cool, simple, minimalistic, stable and monotonic, but never gets too boring or static. Breaking sessions, driving solos, thrilling splashes, passionate and expressive trills, special effects and other elements are fused together with soft and specific tunes of glockenspiel, marimba and vibraphone. Deep bass line is constructed from solemn, tight and solid tunes of double bass. Ambient, depressive, stable and heavy tunes, strange timbres are connected to heavy, slow and lyrical solos, special effects and various kinds of rhythms. The electronics also are used here – computer sounds, sonic system, glitch, drone, ambient, special effects, modified tunes, alterated timbres, imitations of nature’s sounds or any other elements of modern electronics make specific, modern and original sound of these compositions. The compositions have open form, rich and expressive language, bordering dynamics, millions of moods and motions, gorgeous background and innovative instrumentation. Experimental, authentic, extended, traditional and original ways of playing are used here – composer is playing with huge amount of instruments and likes to experiment on various fields of musical language. That makes an effort to colorful, innovative and original sound.

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