Cherry |Holt|Stott – “Live At Glenwood Books” (The Pink Lady Apple House, 2019)

“Live At Glenwood Books” is out now on “The Pink Lady Apple House” label. Album was recorded by Vattel Cherry (upright bass), Justin Holt (alto saxophone) and Nicholas Stott (drums). Three musicians are famous improvisers – they have their own style, unique sound and expressive playing manner. The improvisers are collaborating with other famous improvisers – they are innovative, ambitious and active members of international scene of experimental jazz. The music is bright and passionate – talent, innovative ideas, authentic, specific and eclectic ideas, fascinating experiments and special effects contain the main base. Free improvisation, experimental and avant-garde jazz, some tunes of modern jazz are mixed up together. Musicians are blending up new, extravagant and innovative ideas, old traditions, contemporary and modern tendencies and driving style to one place. That makes an effort to bright, original and passionate sound.

Innovative ideas, original instrumentation and especially expressive musical language form the base of the compositions of “Live At Glenwood Books”. The musicians are improvising together, but demonstrate their own style and style. Their improvisations have different character and individual sound. Independent melodies, all kinds of rhythms, gorgeous ornaments, colorful and tiny textures, disonances and consonances, strange pitches, various scales, tonal and atonal harmony, bordering dynamics and modern expressions make colorful, enchanting and rich musical pattern. The instrumentation is based on experimental ways of playing, rare combos, eclectic stylistic waves, contrasting manners and sounds who are mixed up with modern, extended or traditional playing techniques and expressions. Justin Holt is an interesting and talented improviser. The ideas of contemporary experimental and avant-garde jazz are blended up with nervous and scandalous solos of bebop, aggressive and furious hard bop, modern and innovative post bop and other styles of modern jazz. Some intonations of cool, fusion or other styles of mainstream or contemporary jazz are mildly used, but only in some episodes. Saxophonist gives the first priority to research of new and innovative ways of playing, extraction of weird tunes and expansion of saxophone’s comfort zone. He likes to make brave, wild, modern and trendy experiments – all the elements have their place on musical pattern. Trembling and driving solos, expressive, tremendous, vivid and light melodies, passionate, dramatic, wild and fantastic culminations, weird sounds, impressive experiments, original decisions, furious fast, enchanting and dizzy passages, tremendous, aggressive and sharp blow outs – all these elements gently fit together and give the main tune to the improvisations. Vattel Cherry is avant-garde jazz bassist. Just like Justin Holt, this improviser creates his music spontaneously and in impressive, dynamic and modern way. Sound experiments, the newest tendencies of experimental music and avant-garde jazz, research of weird tunes, innovative ways of playing and modern composing and improvising styles contain the main base of it. The music is filled with deep and stable tunes, who form modest and tight bass line. The chords and tunes are blended up together – repetitive series and monotonic sequences make hypnotising and meditative sound of it. Deep bass line is contrasting with heavy and slow solos, dramatic perturbations, impressive culminations or calm and relaxing pieces. Nicholas Stott is a great drummer. His improvisations are based on the roots of avant-garde jazz and the newest tendencies of experimental jazz. There’s also an influenze of modern jazz styles. Nervous and scandalous rhythms of bebop, aggressive and frantic hard bop, complicated series of modern jazz are mixed up with lyrical and calm cool, colorful and enchanting mainstream and tremendous, bursting, frantic, passionate and driving drum sessions. The music of this album is dynamic and bright – it’s filled with new and evocative ideas, numerous of moods, characters and musical language’s elements. That finally makes an effort to bright and original sound.

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