Paul Dunmall Sun Ship Quartet/Alan Skidmore/Julie Kjær/Ståle Liavik Solberg/Mark Wastell – “JOHN COLTRANE 50TH MEMORIAL CONCERT AT CAFE OTO” (Confront Recordings, 2019)


“JOHN COLTRANE 50TH MEMORIAL CONCERT AT CAFE OTO” is a new release of “Confront Recordings”. Album was recorded at “CAFE OTO” by group of great jazz masters. Paul Dunmall (tenor saxophone), Howard Cottle (tenor saxophone), Olie Brice (double bass) and Anthony Bianco (drums) who form the “Paul Dunmall Sun Ship Quartet”. The quartet has driving, innovative, expressive and original sound. Four great jazz masters are playing together with other famous jazz musicians – it’s Alan Skidmore (tenor saxophone), Julie Kjær (flute), Ståle Liavik Solberg (percussion) and Mark Wastell (percussion). All these musicians are famous at avant-garde jazz scene. They have unique sound, expressive playing manner, driving and inspiring style and evocative musical language. Their compositions are usually based on innovatie decisions, impressive instrumentation, brave, crazy, wild and creative ideas, fantastic blow outs, driving and breaking sessions and simply fantastic experiments.

“JOHN COLTRANE 50TH MEMORIAL CONCERT AT CAFE OTO” is a tribute to jazz legend John Coltrane. The music is based on avant-garde and experimental jazz, as well as modal, cool, mainstream and modern jazz styles. Cool, bebop, post bop, hard bop, creative, free jazz and spontaneous free improvisations are mixed up together in original and bright way. The musicians continue the main ideas of John Coltrane and mix them up with their own, original and bright sounds and principes of improvising. So this album is like a bridge between traditions and innovations, modal and modern jazz, nervous and complicated bebop, aggressive hard bop, stable and calm cool jazz or frantic, wild, frustrating, aggressive and passionate free improvisations. Rich, multi-layed, colorful and universal musical pattern is created. It’s contained with dozens of textures, sounds, timbres, all kinds of rhythms, melodies, exotic or rare ways of playing, suggestive instrumentation and evocative musical language. The changes of moods and playing manners are just marvelous – it turns the music into dynamic, tremendous and sparkling set of compositions. “Paul Dunmall Sun Ship Quartet” is playing on every composition with famous jazz masters. Various combos are formed to create a different sound and mood. The last composition “Ascension” joins all musicians at one scene for free, passionate and bright improvisation. The melodic section is solid and bright in every composition. Soft and gentle flutes are filled with expressive, passionate and light sound. Lyricism, silent contemplations, abstract improvisations, special effects, sound experiments and original ways of playing are used here. That makes an effort to extraction of dozens of weird timbres, strange tunes, aythentic, specific, exotic and rare ways of playing and evocative sound. Julie Kjaer shows her best abilities of improvising and makes an effort to whole sound. The saxophonists Paul Dunmall, Howard Cottle and Alan Skidmore create the basic of the melodic section. Wild, frantic, thrilling, scratching, furious, scandalous and aggressive solos meet the soft and gentle lyrical pieces, passionate and expressive melodies, trendy and fabulous riffs, luminous, growling and radiante bursts of energy or – romantic, dreamy, cool and simply beautiful excerpts. The saxophones dictate the mood and sound of whole album. It gives the main tune to the melody line also. The reeds is the source of energy, crazy ideas, expressive and luminous mood, driving and inspiring style and wild bursts. The rhythmic section also is strong, deep and dynamic. It’s based on double bass, two sets of percussion and drums. Bassist Olie Brice is trying out new and original ways of playing – deep and stable bass line s contrasting with moving, thrilling, dramatic and passionate culminations. Strange timbres, special effects, weird tunes, original ways of playing and various coloristics make an effort to gorgeous background. Drummer Anthony Bianco and percussionists Ståle Liavik Solberg and Mark Wastell make a great and energetic drum section. Three musicians are playing together only on last composition “Ascension”. They are improvising separately in the others – it’s a great opportunity to hear their original and inspiring playing style and sound. Dynamic, vigilante, radiante and expressive burst of energy, drive and passion – that’s how you could call the rhythmic section. Nervous and aggressive hard bop, complicated and modern bebop, stable and cool mainstream – all these styles mixed up together with wild, thrilling, scandalous and free improvisations. Surprises, specal effects, original instrumentation, specific, rare and experimental ways of playing are the main elements of rhythmic section, as well as the main priority of each musician’s improvisations. The music of this album is dynamic and bright – from silent, lyrical, soft and gentle improvisations it finally goes to passionate, expressive, driving, vital and energetic final.

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