Spring Roll – “EPISODES” (Clean Feed, 2019)

“EPISODES” is a new release out now on “Clean Feed”. Album was recorded by “Spring Roll” – it’s an ensemble who joins together Sylvaine Hélary (flute, alto flute, bass flute, piccolo), Hugues Mayot (tenor saxophone, clarinet), Antonin Rayon (piano, Moog), Sylvain Lemêtre (vibes, percussions) and Kris Davis (piano (on 3 and 4)). All musicians are famous and innovative improvisers. They’re the central figures of American avant-garde jazz scene. Improvisers had made dozens of collaborations, projects and albums together with other famous jazz masters of international jazz scene. Each of them is individual and creative – unique sound, inspiring playing manner, innovative ideas, original point of view, bright and moving melodies and driving style are the main compounds of their music. Musicians are using their fantasy and imagination to get on brave and ambitious musical decisions. Innovative ideas, the will to create fresh, bright and evocative sound makes an effort to driving style, impressive instrumentation, rich musical language and moving and simply marvelous free improvisation.

“EPISODES” has all the basics of avant-garde jazz and free improvisation. The music is based on new innovations of experimental jazz, who are mixed up with the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz and tunes of various modern jazz styles. The musicians explore the abilities of their instruments – they’re getting out of the comfort zone and are dedicated to create fresh, new and adventurous jazz. Open form is used almost everywhere. It’s constructed from various forms of avant-garde jazz and contemporary academical music. There’s no quadratic structure – musicians are using abstract pattern to make free improvisations. That makes an effort to wild, thrilling and spontaneous improvisations. Sharp harmony makes dramatic and aggressive mood, expressive style and driving sound. Repetitive rhythmic and melodic series, tonal and atonal scales, chords and pitches, breaking sessions, dynamic rhythmic, minimalistic  samples, electronics, special effects, impressive and innovative instrumentation makes an effort to effective, expressive and hypnotising sound of this album. The music is based on rich musical language – it’s consisted from dozens of textures, patterns, layers, forms, scales, rhythms, moods and modern expressions. The melodic section is solid and bright. It’s based on woodwinds and piano. Various kinds of flutes, saxophone and clarinet gently fit together with piano and Moog. Moving, vivid, sweet or lyrical and romantic flutes makes a gorgeous musical pattern. Soft and gentle tunes are contrasting with shrieky, rough and luminous culminations. Saxophones and clarinet are the sources of energy and drive. Light and expressive melodies, tremendous and aggressive riffs, luminous, angry and thrilling blow outs, vibrant and radical spills of energy, passionate solos, marvelous passages, gorgeous and dizzy ornaments are mixed up all together with original ideas, innovative ways of playing, strange tunes, special effects and hypnotising rhythms. Stylistic allusions, contrasting episodes and millions of moods makes an effort to bright, universal and expressive sound. Piano brings live, energy, passion and drive.Breaking sessions, repetitive sequences of disonances, impressive culminations, vibrant solos, moving trills, furiously fast roulades, expressive, cordial, emotional, radiante, vibrant and wild melodies, spontaneous free improvisations and other elements contain the main base of music. The reeds and piano dictate the main mood and tune of the compositions and make an effort to hypnotising, bright and original sound. The drums and percussion’s section consists of drums, various kinds of percussions and vibes. Gentle and gorgeous tunes of vibes are mostly used as a coloristic element. It’s gently fit together with gentle, sparkling, strange, light, rare or exotic tunes of percussion. The drums are based on energetic and moving mood. Nervous and scandalous rhythms of bop, hard bop or other modern jazz styles are mixed with slow and silent contemplations, abstract sounds, strange timbres, terryfying riffs, furious thunders, luminous and moving trills, vibrant and impressive spills of energy and simply wild, free, stitching and innovative improvisations. The music is changing all the time – sometimes it’s scary, aggressive and trembling, powerful and trendy, hilarious and expressive, joyful and vivid or – lyrical, cool, calm and silent. The musicians are improvising just marvelous – their music ia burst of energy, drive, passion and expression.

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