Adam Matlock and Chris Cretella – “Singing and Singing to Keep Out the Smell” (SR, 2019)

“Singing and Singing to Keep Out the Smell” was released on February. Album was recorded by Adam Matlock (accordion) and Chris Cretella (guitar). Both musicians are active members of international avant-garde jazz scene. Their music is totally based on experimental jazz. The streams of New York, Chicago, European and American avant-garde jazz are combined together with modern, contemporary and mainstream jazz. The musicians are real masters of their art – they are experimenting on all cases of musical language. Accordion is rarely used in any combo on free improvisations and avant-garde jazz, so the duo of accordion and guitar is the source of dozens of colors, moods and timbres. The innovations of experimental jazz, modern expressions, the tunes of modern and contemporary jazz, experimental music, contemporary academical music and the roots of 1960’s jazz contain the main basement of this album. The music is dynamic and bright – unique sound, modern and original style, innovative decisions, astonishing experiments and extended playing techniques make an effort to colorful and expressive sound.

“Singing and Singing to Keep Out the Smell” is filled with original sound and pleasant surprises. All music is based on inventive, creative and bright musical decisions. Soft and light abstractions, minimalistic samples, gorgeous ornaments, dizzy passages, incredible and suggestive instrumentation, modern decisions, pleasant surprises, dynamic turns and strong contrasts – all these elements are the main part of this music. Both improvisers have precise and suggestive playing technique and wide musical knownledge. They know dozens of different ways, how to express various emotions, weird timbres or expand the technical abilities of their instruments. The compositions are written to rare combo – accordion and guitar. Accordion is used rarely on avant-garde jazz and free improvisation. It brings exotic and original sound. Rich and enchanting musical pattern is filled with millions of textures, modes, motions, expressions, bordering dynamics, weird timbres, solid and independent melodies and rhythms. Many different layers are created – they’re contrasting with each other. The instrumentation is suggestive and modern. It’s based on rare and specific techniques, extended, experimental or conventional ways of playing, special effects and sound experiments. The harmony consists of sharp disonances – aggressive and bright sequences of them create dramatic, moving and vibrant sound. It’s highly contrasting with calm, soft and simple minimalistic samples who are based on repetitive series and consonances. Specific chords and interesting pitches also contain the part of the harmony and are contrasting with other chords. There’s no border between melodic and rhythmic section – it’s formed by guitar and accordion. Both improvisers are experimenting and getting on adventurous and risky decisions. The accordion is the source of exotic and original sound. It brings new colors and moods, as well as dictates the tempo and motion of the melody. Tremendous solos, expressive and vivid melodies, bright and luminous riffs who turn out to impressive and thrilling free improvisations, ambient samples, silent pauses or lyrical and relaxing pieces. Improviser is trying out specific, exotic and rarely used ways of playing to bring new and original tunes to the music. Accordion’s music is colorful, dynamic and sparkling, filled with drive, joy and expression. The guitar contains sweet and cool solos, passionate riffs, dizzy passages, breaking sessions, light, romantic or lyrical contemplations, vivid, turbulent and perturbating culminations. Sometimes it sounds like cool or mainstream jazz – stable rhythms, quadratic structure and calm melodies are the main compounds of it. Next minute it can easily turn out to eclectic, perturbating, aggressive, dynamic. scandalous and nervous culminations with hot thrills and bursting spills of energy. The music of this album is a great opportunity to hear original and expressive sound of avant-garde jazz.

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