Caloia / Charuest / Fousek – “Maps To Hands” (Astral Spirits, 2019)

“Maps To Hands” is a new release of Ästral Spirits” label. Album was recorded by Nicolas Caloia (double bass), Yves Charuest (alto saxophone) and Karl Fousek (analog synth). The music of the trio is full of innovative ideas and creative decisions. Three musicians are active members of international avant-garde jazz scene. They are collaborating with other famous jazz masters all the time – projects, tours, festivals and concerts all over the world are their main activities. Musicians have their own and original playing manner, unique sound and bright style. The basics of avant-garde and experimental jazz are joined together with modern jazz streams, experimental music and academic avant-garde. The roots of avant-garde jazz gently fit with authentic tunes of contemporary academical, modern classical, academic avant-garde and experimental music. Electronics and acoustics make a great combo. Musicians have a sense of each other – they are reacting to sudden changes, impressive solos or pleasant surprises on each other’s playing.

“Maps To Hands” is filled with dynamic and innovative sound. The music is bright and original – rich musical language, modern expressions and bright instrumentation are the main basics of it. Individual, multi-layed and colorful pattern is filled with millions of textures, rhythms, sounds, weird timbres, experimental ways of playing, rare combos, ornaments and coloristics. Musicians have wide knownledge of musical language. They’re exploring new ways of playing – experimental techniques go along with traditional and conventional ones. Great, creative and organic mix of conventions and experimental ways of playing makes an effort to incredible and impressive instrumentation. Extraction of strange tunes, weird timbres, exploring of new zones of sound, experimenting on each case of musical language – all these elements really are frequently used in all compositions. Sometimes the music is sparkling, bright and moving, depressive and sad, passionate and driving, or simply gorgeous, beautiful and light. It’s changing all the time – musicians don’t hesitate to make innovative or modern decisions, unpredictable changes, sudden turns or simply weird and crazy ideas. Yves Charuest is a saxophonist who bases his music on the roots of avant-garde jazz and the newest tendencies of experimental jazz. These elements are gently combined together with bebop, post bop, cool and other streams of modern jazz styles. The saxophone’s solos make the base of melody line and dictates the main sound. Sparkling riffs, flowing melodies, trembling and moving solos, rigorous and sharp blow outs, aggressive breaking sessions, repetitive and hypnotising series, dizzy passages, colorful glissando, weird tunes, strange timbres, ambient sessions or lyrical contemplations – all these elements gently fit together. Improviser has a tendency to jump from one mood or playing manner to the other – vivid, gentle, light and expressive music can turn out to turbulent culminations, perturbating or aggressive pieces, dreamy or silent pauses. Nicolas Caloia has a wide and rich stylistic variety – his music is based on moving culminations, impressive riffs, rigorous struggles, strict and aggressive stitches, luminous passages who are contrasting with deep and tight bass line. The basics of avant-garde jazz and free improvisation are combined with modern jazz styles and its elements. Karl Fousek is the master of electronics. He’s producing enrmously huge variety of synthetic sounds and tunes by using analog synth. Loops, ambient, glitch, drone, minimalistic samples decorated with computer sounds, alterated or modified tunes, field recordings, sound’s machine records contain the main part of background. The electronics contain the other side of album – synthetic, original and modern. It’s highly contrasting with saxophone’s solos and its natural, colorful, gentle and expressive sound. The music of this album has bright, innovative and modern sound.

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