The Fictive Five – “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE” (Clean Feed, 2019)

“ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE” is a new release out now on “Clean Feed” records. Album was recorded by “The Fictive Five” – it’s Larry Ochs (tenor and sopranino saxophones), Nate Wooley (trumpet), Ken Filiano (bass and effects), Pascal Niggenkemper (bass and effects) and Harris Eisenstadt (drums). Five great jazz masters who have their own sound, driving style and innovative point of view, had been collaborating and playing together many times. Each of them is the central figure of American or European avant-garde jazz scene. They are playing together with other famous jazz masters of world-wide scene. The music is totally based on avant-garde jazz. The innovations, inventive ideas, crazy, weird, wild or luminous ways of playing, fascinating experiments are used together with traditions and the roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz. Spontaneous musical decisions and impression are the main principes of their music – the musicians are playing spontaneously, most part of their music is made spontaneously in the spot of improvising. They get a marvelous result – driving, moving and innovative set of compositions.

“ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE” is filled with drive and passion. The compositions are based on free improvisations and have rich musical language. The musical pattern is multi-layed, polyphonic and wide – dozens of styles, textures, rhythms and other elements of musical language are joined here. Musicians have wide knownledge of musical language – they’re using inventive ideas, incredible and innovative instrumentation, passionate and modern expressions, wide range of dynamics, all kinds of rhythms, different ways of composing and ornaments. That’s why their music is sparkling and bright. It’s dynamic and filled with surprises – sudden turns, allusions, incluses, various streams of avant-garde jazz, minimalism, breaking sessions, extractions of weird timbres and moods make an effort to colorful and variable sound. The sound experiments and new technical abilities are very important to the musicians – they’re are trying to go out of classical sound to innovative, bright and weird zone. Each improviser has his own style, playing manner and sound – drive, passion, joy and pleasure are the main basics of their playing. That makes an effort to bright and original sound. The melody line is kept by Larry Ochs and Nate Wooley. Both musicians are experienced and talented innovators of avant-garde jazz scene. Their music is based on new and modern stream of experimental jazz, the newest innovations of Scandinavian, American and European avant-garde jazz, as well as soft intonations of bebop or other modern jazz styles. The saxophones are filled with energy and radiante power. Passionate melodies, expressive and vibrant riffs, moving and trembling solos, turbulent culminations, powerful and radiante blow outs – all mixed up together with dizzy passages, frantic scandals, gentle pieces, light excerpts, minimalistic samples or lyrical, dreamy and cool pauses. Trumpet is moving and expressive. Tremendous and powerful bursts of energy meet the silent pauses, light and joyful solos, vivid melodies, eccentric musical decisions, weird tunes, strange sounds, furious blow outs, breaking sessions, hypnotic series, sharp sequences and other tunes. Trumpet and saxophone surely form the melody line – it’s driving, suggestive, filled with spontaneous changes and wild ideas. Rhythmic section is formed by two bassists Ken Filiano and Pascal Niggenkemper, and drummer Harris Eisenstadt. Two bass are filled with deep tunes, calm and stable line who bursts on thrilling, blowing, passionate and dizzy culminations. Modified tunes, special effects, electronics, impressive, strange, eclectic or original decisions makes an effort to innovative and dynamic sound. Both musicians are balancng between cool bass line, deep tunes, minimalistic samples and thrilling, crossing, flying, light, tremendous, perturbating, furious or simply beautiful excerpts. Drums section is illustrative and bright. All kinds of rhythms are used here. Music contains everything – roaring rolls, crossing stitches, thrilling and radiante solos, turbulent bursts, powerful beats, tremendous thunders, silent and gentle trills, luminous tremolo or wild, burning and driving free improvisations. Incredible and innovative instrumentation, experimental, specific and rare ways of playing, eclectic combos, wide range of dynamics, emotions and rhythms mixed up with drive, passion, expression and energy – all that makes an effort to marvelous and inspiring sound.

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