Green Dome – “Thinking In Stitches” (Casestudy, 2019)

“Thinking In Stitches” is new release of “Casestudy” label. Album was recorded by “Green Dome” – it’s an ensemble formed from three great musicians. Here Zeena Parkins (acoustic harp, concept, direction), Ryan Sawyer (trap and percussion) and Ryan Ross Smith (prepared piano, electronics, modular synthesizer, live coding) play together. The music of the trio is an organic mix of experimental music, avant-garde, modern and contemporary jazz, fusion, rock and avant-rock, contemporary academical music, free improvisations, computer music, concrete and sonoristic music and electronics. This huge range of styles and genres gently fit together on one pattern. Zeena Parkins bases his music on conventions of contemporary academical music, experimental music and electronics. Her compositions has organic, bright and innovative sound. Ryan Sawyer always brings the tunes related to rock or avant-rock. His music is strongly related with avant-garde jazz, rock and experimental music. Ryan Ross is an experienced and talented improviser, who manages to connect electronics, contemporary academical, experimental and concrete music all together with sound experiments and free improvisation. Three musicians are the masters of their art – they have an original point of view, unique sound and driving playing style.

“Thinking In Stitches” is filled with expressive and innovative sound. Musicians are related to different music styles, so the music has especially huge range of styles, manners and ways of playing. Just like in the earlier albums of “Green Dome”, the newest release is based on electronics, experimental and contemporary academical music, avant-garde and modern jazz, free improvisation, rock, concrete,sonoristic and computer music. The music has a fascinating musical pattern – it’s universal, wide and colorful. Ornaments, abbreviations, wide kit of instrumentation, inventive expressions, all types of chords and rhythms, the combo of acoustics and electronics, wide range of tempos, colors, moods and dynamics. All that is organically mixed up and form gorgeous and stunning musical pattern. The musicians are balancing all the time between composing and improvising. Minimalistic samples are changed by abstract, free and impressive improvisations. Synthetic and specific tunes of electronics are connected with natural and warm tunes of harp or other instruments. Gorgeous, light and passionate sound turns out to depressive, abandonned, solemn, deep, heavy, harsh, tragic or simply beautiful and striking. The musicians are changing the moods without any effort – all the music is suggestive and expressive. Harp melodies are filled with drive, passion and thrills. It’s light and gentle or peaceful, dreamy and romantic, ambient and strange or lyrical and deep. There are huge range of timbres and strange tunes who are extracted by inventing new, specific and bright ways of playing. The tunes of prepared piano and harp are modified by electronics – that’s the way how musicians expand the level of technical abilities. Modulators, synthetic tunes, sonic system’s experiments, alterations and modifications, the tunes of computer devices, the basics of sonoristic, spectral or concrete music, sound machine, tape and field recordings, glitch, drone, ambient – all kinds of electronics are used here. The compositions don’t have a separate melodic or rhythmic base – all that is mixed in one big pattern and makes a fabulous and impressive sound. The tunes of rock and avant-rock also are heard – heavy hard core, energetic and quadratic riffs and strict melodies with hard tension and quadratic structure are the signs of it. Although the sounds of rock aren’t used in each composition – it’s more like a stylistic incluse who brings exotic or eclectic sound. The music of this album is simply impressive – it’s a great and organic mix of electronics, contemporary academical music and avant-garde jazz.


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