Bearthoven – “American Dream” (Cantaloupe Music, 2019)

“American Dream” is a new release who’s out now on “Cantaloupe Music” label. It’s the second album, recorded by “Bearthoven” trio. This ensemble is famous for sparkling and innovative interpretations, original style, vivid and expressive playing manner and unique sound. Musicians are playing the music of contemporary academical music composers, as well as the compositions of other genres or styles. The trio is formed by three great musicians – Karl Larson (piano), Pat Swoboda (double bass) and Matt Evans (percussion). The music is a mix of contemporary academical, experimental music, free improvisation and avant-garde jazz. The musicians are the masters of their art – they have a splendid and suggestive playing manner, precise playing technique, bordering dynamics and wide musical knownledge. They can easily get through different moods and styles – from strict, evocative and modern academical music to stunning experiments, wild free improvisations, gentle and peaceful solos or bursting spills of radiance and energy. Musicians are famous on international avant-garde jazz scene – their music is filled with drive, joy, innovations and traditions who are brought up together in delicate and organic way.

“American Dream” is filled with modern and evocative sound. The compositions written by composer Scott Wollschleger, are recorded here. Scott Wollschleger is a famous composer of contemporary academical music. He has rich and expressive musical language and innovative instrumentation. Traditions gently fit together with fascinating experiments, rare combos, eclectic pairs, special effects, extended playing techniques and other similar elements. The synthesis between contemporary academical music and avant-garde jazz is impressive – the composer is always balancing between solemn, serious, evocative, awakening, expressive or luminous academical music and spontaneous free improvisations. The instrumentation is colorful and innovative. Extended playing techniques, sounds experiments and well-known ways of playing are gently fused together in one musical pattern. Dozens of factures, ornaments, characters, forms, chords and playing techniques are used here. Composer is demonstrating his own playing style – breaking sessions, sharp and aggressive sequences of chords, bordering dynamics, contrasting tempos, all kinds of rhythms, modern scales, serialism, puantilism, some tunes of dodecaphony and concrete music are the main elements of his music. This album has eclectic, universal and expressive sound, who’s typical to all music written by Scott Wollschleger. It’s filled with contrasts – hot bursts of energy and silent pauses, turbulent culminations and light, sweet and romantic excerpts, rigorous and furious riffs and flying passages are just a little part of whole musical pattern. The musicians are jumping through all the moods without any effort – driving, flying, crazy, wild, bursting, ambitious, serious, solemn, deep, aggressive, joyful, depressive, flowing, shrieky, radiante or light. All kinds of moods and characters are used here. The composer is constructing a mosaic, which contains millions of tiny little pieces. Each of them is different and moving. Piano is the main instrument of melodic section. It’s real burst of energy, drive, fire and joy. Rigorous riffs, furious and impressive solos, passionate and expressive melodies, playful and colorful tunes, silent pauses, bright and luminous culmniations, vibrant and radiante episodes, dizzy passages, moody glissando, breaking sessions, sharp chords contain impressive and marvelous melodic section. Double bass keeps the bass line and illustrates the melody. Deep, repetitive and static tunes form heavy and effective bass line. The improviser is exploring new abilities of playing – he manages to extract weird, unheard and simply gorgeous timbres. Deep and calm bass line is contrasting with moving, striking, vivid, urgling, scandalous, furious or passionate solos. Terrific culminations and vibrant bursts of energy are created in collective improvisations and duos of piano and bass. Percussion section is wide and colorful. Rare instruments, original combos, gorgeous tunes, various types of rhythms, monotonic sequences and special effects makes an effort to solid, gorgeous and light percussion’s section. The music is bright and evocative – the compositions have illustrative and rich musical language and fantastic sound.


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