Jeff Cosgrove|Matthew Shipp|William Parker – “Near Disaster” (Grizzley Music, 2019)

“Near Disaster” is a new release of “Grizzley Music” label. It’s a great collaboration of three jazz stars – Matthew Shipp (piano), William Parker (bass) and Jeff Cosgrove (drums). The trio makes an exclusive sound and fuses together traditions and innovations. All three jazz masters are wonderful and talented improvisers and the central figures of New York and Chicago avant-garde jazz scene. Musicians are famous on world-wide scene – they had prepared and recorded dozens of albums with other jazz stars. Their originality, talent, masterful virtuosity, charisma, passion and drive makes an effort to their music and career. All music is based on avant-garde jazz and free improvisation. Expressive and hot playing manner, unique sound, incredible and exclusive instrumentation, rich and enchanting musical language, original decisions and stunning experiments – that’s the main part of the music. It’s also important, that the most part of music is constructed spontaneously – musicians are making short impromptus, moody episodes, dozens of rhythms and tempos, who are used silmunateously. Though all three members of the trio already are main figures of world-wide avamt-garde jazz, they never stop to create something, search, extract, wonder and get on brave adventurous. The result is always the same – musicians manage to create charming, spontaneous and innovative sound.

“Near Disaster” is the spill of expression and drive. Musicians are demonstrating their own and exclusive playing style, innovative playing technique and rich musical language. The music is based on roots of avant-garde jazz and organically mixed up with innovations, stunning experiments, extraction of weird timbres and wild, admiring and luminous free improvisations. Enchanting and flowing melodies are independent – each of them has its own character and sound. Open form is the main attribute of whole album – it’s the main form of all compositions. That makes an effort to huge scale of colors, tunes, sounds and timbres, who are expressed only on mode of free improvisation. Rich, multi-layed and colorful musical pattern has solid melodic line, dynamic and frantic rhythmic and gorgeous background. The instrumentation is filled with innovations, traditions, extended playing techniques, flying passages, rigorous and sharp roulades, trills, tremolo, glissando and other types of ornaments, abbreviations and tunes. Special effects, expansion of technical abilities, going out of the comfort zone and impressive spontaneous changes makes an effort to bright and luminous sound. The melodic section is solid and bright. It’s also moving, enchanting, sparkling and luminous. Real burst of radiance, energy and drive is created by Matthew Shipp. Pianist is talented and experienced improviser – he’s improvising absolutely spontaneously. All the changes are made in impressive and delicate way. Sharp, rigorous, furious and aggressive playing, expression, complicated rhythmic and dozens of special effects contain the base of the music. His solos are flying, dizzy and enchanting – here expressive melodies fit with roaring roulades, breaking chords or rhythms sequences, turbulent culminations, hypnotising and repetitive rhythmic series – it’s a real burst of energy, fused from millions of different pieces. Solemn, silent, relaxing and calm pieces also are heard, but it’s more like short excerpts – main part and key of the music are driving, wild and crazy episodes with dizzy passages and enchanting solos. Piano is the source of drive, joy, light and passion. It gives the main tune to whole album. Bass by William Parker also is filled with surprises and colors – the music is full of colors, tunes, weird timbres and sounds. Twinkling, glimpsing, silent, subtle or melancholic tunes turn out to flowing, colorful, effective, hypnotising and turbulent culminations, bordering dynamics, sudden jumps from one mood to another and contrasts get all together. William Parker is improvising simply fantastic – his improvisations illustrate the melodic line and make an effort to rhythmic pattern and gorgeous background. Drums section by Jeff Cosgrove is luminous and dynamic. Radiante bursts, luminous culminations, sudden changes, light or sweet excerpts, passionate solos, dizzy passages, furious scandals, wild thunders, gorgeous timbres, modern decisions, extravagant techniques, eclectic styles combos or impressive free improvisations – all that is the part of this music. The drums section has hypnotising and breaking sound, it’s solid and bright. The album is a great occassion to hear marvelous jazz masters playing together.

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