Duerinckx / Russell / Safatly – “Serpentes” (Weekertoft, 2019)

“Serpentes” is new release, who’s out now on “Weekertoft” label. Album was recorded by JJ Duerinckx (sopranino saxophone), John Russell (guitar) and Matthieu Safatly (cello). Three muscians had collaborated many times – they had made dozens of free improvisations with other famous jazz stars. These jazz masters are famous and active members of avant-garde jazz scene. Concerts, festivals, tours, collaborations and projects are the main part of their activity. Three jazz masters and innovators have their own style and unique sound. They had already created their original playing technique, driving playing manner and modern style. Each of them has a modern, extravagant and original point of view. They want to bring the innovations to the avant-garde jazz – musical language is so wide and organic, that the improvisers can gently fuse together innovations, experiments and roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz. The basics of experimental and avant-garde jazz are the keys of this music. Influenze of bop, post bop, hard bop, fusion and other modern jazz styles also is heard.

“Serpentes” is filled with bright and expressive sound. The contrasting episodes is the main principe of composing. Lyrical, sad, frustrating, aggressive, joyful, expressive, gentle, light, passionate or simply gorgeous pieces are grouped together or one against the other. Huge variety of colors, styles and sounds also is the source of driving and expressive sound. That makes an effort to all compounds of compositions. Open form and collective improvisation are the main basics of album. Free improvisation is filled with independent melodies, weird tunes, gorgeous timbres, bursting spills of energy, turbulent culminations or silent pauses. Dynamic rhythmic, solid melodic line, sharp harmony, bordering dynamics, tempos and modern expressions make multi-colorful, multi-layed and bright musical pattern and rich musical language. Traditional, experimental and extravagant ways of playing mixed up together with crazy ideas, wild improvisations, special effects, rare combos, eclectic stylistic pairs, alliusions, incluses and ornaments form an incredible and innovative instrumentation’s section. Roots of avant-garde jazz of various periods is mixed up – 1960’s and 1970’s jazz is fused with European, American and Sandinavian avant-garde jazz. The tunes of various streams are heard together with modern jazz. Expressive, moving, hot, aggressive and sharp solos are the most bright incluses to bebop, post bop, hard bop and other modern jazz styles. So where’s no one pur style who’s contributed to this music. The compositions are organic sets of various jazz styles, streams and expressions. JJ Duerinckx is a great saxophonist. His playing style is a mix of avant-garde, modern, contemporary, mainstream, cool jazz and free improvisation. Expressive, driving and moving playing manner brings joy, passion and energy to whole music. Improviser is playing with huge range of compounds, characters and styles. He’s mixing up contrasting episodes in spontaneous and delicate way. Solid and bright melodies are illustrated with gorgeous ornaments, dizzy passages, flying and sparkling riffs, special effects, vibrant culminations or subtle, dreamy and sweet episodes. From the angry, furious, scandalous and aggressive pieces music can suddenly get slow, melancholic and lyrical – improviser makes all that without any force. Sopranino saxophone is the source of drive, expression and radiant bursts of energy. John Russell is an experienced and great guitarist. Avant-garde jazz, free improvisation, fusion, contemporary jazz and some tunes of rock styles make the base of his improvisations. Effective and rich musical language is illustrated with luminous instrumentation, innovative expressions, special effects and allusions to other styles, extractions, experiments and sounds. Sparkling melodies are contrasting with striking, heavy and tough solos, heavy hard-core, strict riffs or turbulent free improvisations. Guitar and saxophone make a solid base of melodic and rhythmic section – saxophone keeps the roots of avant-garde jazz, guitar is more related to cool, contemporary, mainstream, modern jazz or rock styles as well as contemporary academical music and academic avant-garde. Matthieu Safatly is an impressive cellist. His music is based on wide stylistic matter. Here avant-garde jazz, free improvisation, modern jazz, contemporary academical and experimental music, academic avant-garde and other music genres are brought up together. Delicate and stable bass line turns out to dramatic culminations, luminous riffs, striking and crossing melodies, wild and frantic bursts of energy, special effects or contemplative search of unusual sounds and weird timbres. Improviser prooves the old rule, that cello is a universal instrument. Dozens of moods, motions, expressions, characters, timbres, playing techniques and tunes are gently fused together. The music of this album has bright, innovative and expressive sound.

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