Denzler/Grip/Johansson – ‎”Zyklus 1″ (Umlaut Records, 2019)

Zyklus 1 (CD, Album) album cover

‎”Zyklus 1″ is a new release released by “Umlaut Records”. Album was recorded by Bertrand Denzler (tenor saxophone), Joel Grip (double bass) and Sven-Ake Johansson (drums). The music of this trio is exciting, modern and innovative. Each jazz master has its own sound and original style. They all had already created and improved effective, sparkling and bright playing manner. Musicians are collaborating with dozens of other famous jazz masters. They’re the active members of avant-garde jazz scene. All music is completely based on avant-garde jazz. Open form, free improvisation, roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz, the famous themes of Ornette Coleman, Albert Ayler, other avant-garde jazz corifees and new innovations of  experimental jazz are the main elements of each compositions. The musicians like to experiment. They are searching to new tunes, strange timbres ir stunning ways of playing. Rhythmic section also never is abandoned – twists, contrasts between nervous and scandalous, furiously fast and monotonic or slow rhythms always accompagnie the melody. Together musicians are improvising sensitively and expressive – their music is driving and engaging.

“Zyklus 1” is based on synthesis of avant-garde jazz and experimental music. The musicians are creating new. bright and original avant-garde jazz, but don’t abandone the traditions. The main basics of 1960’s avant-garde jazz are used here. It keeps the stable and solid basic of almost every composition. The influenze of other jazz styles is heard also – bebop, post bop, mainstream, cool, fusion and other modern jazz styles are used here. Rich musical pattern is created by using modern expressions, stylistic inclusions, organic allusions to other genres, rare combos, eclectic stylistic combos, polyphony and homophony, intense and sharp harmony, dynamic rhythmic and gorgeous background. There are dozens of components who contain wide and colorful musical pattern. Open form is used everywhere – it makes an effort to wild, frantic, growling and radiante bursts of energy and fantastic collective improvisations. The instrumentation is made from traditional playing techniques, special effects, experimental ways of playing, home-made instruments, specific playing techniques, gorgeous ornaments, abbreviations, expressions and simply wild and crazy ideas or fascinating sound experiments. Musicians always manage to find the way how to connect together this so huge and wide kit of instrumentation. Tenor saxophone keeps the melody line all the time. It’s active, intense and striking. The melody is filled with contrasts – sometimes is going down, goes on sudden attacks, powerful bursts of energy, luminous spills, growls, frantic blow outs or dives in calm and relaxing mood. Bertrand Denzler has impressive technique and driving style. His saxophone is the leading instrument – it dictates the mood, tempo, rhythms and gives the main tune to whole album. It’s heard the most at expressive and vivid solos, but calm, meditative or simply subtle pieces also are very interesting. Joel Grip keeps the bass line. It’s formed from stable and deep tunes. The improviser balances between various playing techniques – from deep tunes and hypnotising sound it goes straight to aggressive, sharp, expressive, moving, vibrant and wild culminations with shrieky tunes, breaking sessions, dynamic rhythmic and strange timbres. Drums section by Sven-Ake Johansson is dynamic and universal. The main rhythmic forms, who are typical to cool, bebop, fusion, hard bop, mainstream and other jazz styles, are used silmunateously. Tiny pieces, light and vivid solos, subtle and minimalistic excerpts, primitive combos are growing to powerful, radiant, furious, sharp, wild and driving culminations. Breaking sessions, some allusions to hard core, rock styles or contemporary academical music also makes an effort to the rhythmic section. So it’s just amazing, how masterfully drummer manage to construct wide, colorful and independent rhythmic section like that. The music is roaring, driving, filled with love, passion and drive.

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