Aram Shelton/Asger Thomsen – “Nyboder Duets” (Singlespeed Music, 2019)

“Nyboder Duets” is a new release of “Singlespeed Music”. Album was recorded by Aram Shelton (alto saxophone) and Asger Thomsen (bass). All music is based on avant-garde jazz and free improvisation. Both musicians have original and expressive playing style. They are active members of international avant-garde jazz scene. Collaborations with other famous masters, impressive experiments and unique sound makes an effort to their music. Traditions of 1960’s and 1970’s avant-garde jazz are continued. The musicians connect them with with their owm ideas, original ways of playing and experimental ways of playing. Aram Shelton has expressive and sharp playing manner – his music is dynamic and bright. Wild culminations, rigorous solos, tremendous blow outs, breaking rhythmic sessions and modern musical language are the basics of his improvisations. Asger Thomson is an excellent bass player. Inventive musical decisions, original tunes, weird timbres, innovative ideas of instrumentation and experiments contain the base of his music. Both musicians have a fantastic playng technique, the masterful virtuosity, the best sound quality and driving playing style.

“Nyboder Duets” is filled with interesting combinations, expressive solos and spontaneous changes, All music is based on avant-garde jazz, but still has the allusions to the other styles and genres. Aggressive and nervous solos with complicated rhythmic and unusual structure has a relation with bebop and hard bop. Calm and static rhythms with relaxing melody and peaceful mood always leads to cool and contemporary jazz. There’s also heard the intonations of contemporary academical music – both musicians had been studying the traditional playing techniques and manners of contemporary academical music. Open form is filled with polyphonic pattern, gorgeous timbres, powerful explosions, weird sounds, colorful ornaments and modern harmony. That makes polyphonic, rich, enchanting and universal musical pattern. The music is bright and original – the improvisers know dozens of effective and original ways to get out of comfort zone of sound and create an evocative avant-garde jazz. The duo of saxophone and bass is a traditional combo, but the compositions have tremendous and innovative instrumentation. Glissando, rubato, vibrato, staccatto, dizzy passages, breaking sessions, repetitive rhythmic and melodic series, monotonic sequences of chords, pizzicatto, growl, wah-wah – it’s just one little part of expressions, manners and playing techniques. Musicians like to make ambitious, weird, wild, frantic and simply fantastic musical decisions – their music is filled with surprise, adventures, drive and awakening sound. The saxophone of Aram Shelton is luminous and sparkling. Trendy, vivid, dynamic and expressive solos, enchanting and light melodies, ccharming passages, growling, yrgling, roaring and frantic blow outs, stunning riffs are the key of his compositions. It’s mixed with gorgeous tunes, fascinating experiments, innovative instrumentation and colorful background. Saxophone keeps the basic of melodic line. It’s dynamic, astonishing and expressive. Bass line is calm and static, but also can be expressive, moving and dramatic at the same time. Asger Thomsen bases his music on impression and pleasure to use new and unheard expressions. His music is filled with evocative solos, solid bass line made from deep and dark tunes, ambient timbres, unusual sounds and silent contemplations. Everything is written in subtle and peaceful mood. It suddenly gets scandalous, roaring, light, vivid, vital, playful, naive or aggressive, moody, glimpsy and dark. All kinds of moods and expressions are used here. The bass keeps the independent rhythmic section and gorgeous background. It also brings dozens of colors and tunes to the melody. Sense of each other, dynamic and expressive sound, driving and striking playing manner, unusual sounds, impressive surprises and unique sound makes a luminous and original sound of this album.

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