NUDO – “La última de las burocracias” (SR, 2019)

“La última de las burocracias” is a new release of 2019. Album was recorded by duo – Mariano Sarra (piano & composition) and Federico Isasti (drums, percussion & composition). The duo had been improvising together many times in the past as a duo, and together with other musicians. They are the active members of avant-garde jazz scene. Both musicians have their own playing manner, style and sound. Hot, burning and turbulent explosions, bright and charming melodies, passionate riffs, dizzy passages, unique sound, search and extraction of strange noises, weird timbres and innovative playing techniques. All music is based on avant-garde jazz and free improvisation. The roots of 1960’s avant-garde jazz are fused with bebop, post bop, hard bop, other modern jazz styles, soft tunes of cool and mainstream, and the newest innovations of experimental jazz. Musicians are dedicated to create a new and exciting sound. They have original point of view, break the old rules and use their own and innovative ways of playing, who gives effective and expressive sound. The traditions, innovations, main principes of avant-garde jazz and ethnic intonations of Spanish, South America and other countries traditional music.

“La última de las burocracias” is filled with expressive sound and evocative musical decisions. A nice combo of piano, drums and percussion is a rich source of colors, expressions, drive and passion. Both musicians know dozens of effective playing, improvising and composing techniques – repetitive rhythmic series, breaking sessions, sequences of chords or pitches, vibrant, trembling, passionate and luminous expressions, bright contrasts between calm, dreamy and silent cool, nervous bebop, scandalous hard bop and frantic free improvisations contain the main part of this album. The music has a marvelous instrumentation – vibrato, glissando, riffs, staccatto, home-made instruments, rare combos, eclectic styles, humorous, comic or simply outrageous ways of playing are used together with experimental, shocking or very well-known playing techniques. Universal and wide kit of expressions and instrumentation makes an effort to bright and evocative sound. Rich musical language makes an effort to colorful and polyphonic musical pattern. Incredible abilities of playing, masterful virtuosity, inventive and modern point of view, the will to create new and outrageous sound – all these elements also are very important to the main base of compositions. Open form, variable rhythmic, breaking sessions, moderation of huge range of scales, expressions and timbres, bordering dynamics, frantic improvisations are mixed up with driving and dynamic playing style. The piano by Mariano Sarra is driving and tremendous. Vibrant melodies, charming solos, fabulous riffs, terrific and dramatic culminations, terryfying scandals, powerful free improvisations, furiously fast passages or simple, minimalistic, dreamy, calm and lyrical pieces – the pianist really knows the best way how to express different motions and moods. One moment it’s calm and relaxing, other -destructive, scandalous, furious, thrilling, scary or gentle, sparkling and light – there’s no possibility to predict, where this music is goint to turn next. The piano keeps solid and bright melodic line – it gives driving, colorful and expressive mood to whole album. Drums and percussion’s section is leaded by Federico Isasti. The musician is ambitious and talented drummer. His playing style is fresh and evocative, based on sharp and vigilante manner, new point of view and unique sound. The typical rhythmic forms of bebop, post bop, hard bop, cool, mainstream, contemporary or even traditional jazz styles are mixed up with afroamerican music rhythms and totally free, thrilling and turbulent improvisations. Storms of sounds, powerful culminations, depressive, dark or glimpsy moods, sparkling riffs, dramatic tremolo, charming glissando – it’s just one small part of these improvisations, Gorgeous percussion sounds create colorful and effective background. The music of this album is bright and effective – it’s driving, thrilling and expressive.


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